Halloween Safety Tips (and Savings) with Rayovac

ReqDiscHalloween Safety with RayovacOctober is full of fun around our house. Two of my three children were born in October. My daughter’s birthday is actually on Halloween. So we celebrate in more ways than one. My little ones are the most important people in my life. Their safety is number one. Trick or Treating on Halloween night is the busiest after dark activities all year long. I would love to share some Halloween safety tips with you that I follow.

  • Always Trick or Treat in groups and/or with adults
  • Carry a flashlight and/or a glow stick while walking
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Costume should be comfortable and properly worn
  • Accessories should be small, soft and not in the way
  • Inspect all candy before eating any of it

I’m a big stickler on all of those tips. As we walk the streets, I see some kids eating the candy while they are out and about (with no parent in sight). It always worries me. But I do what I can to ensure the safety of my family.

Rayovac Halloween Survival KitThis is our Halloween Survival Kit courtesy of Rayovac. The contents of this bucket will ease my mind that my kids will be seen by moving vehicles and that we can light our way through the streets.

Rayovac Glow Stick

Included in the pumpkin is a bundle of Rayovac Glow Sticks. These are like the Swiss Army knife of glow sticks. First, it can be worn around your neck or clipped to clothing. There are so many different combinations of light with the glow sticks. The glow sticks light up or flash and also contains a flashlight. You can use them both at the same time (with the glow stick on or flashing). The 3 pack Rayovac Glow Stick bundle is only $9.99. Right now, you can save 25% with the promo code GLOWSAVE bringing the price down to just $7.49! (Batteries and lifetime warranty included).

Rayovac LED Flashlight

There is also a twin pack of Rayovac LED flashlights. These flashlights are lightweight and perfect for a night walking the town. They shine a super bright white LED light to 127 feet. This twin pack of Rayovac LED Flashlights is only $8.99. Right now, you can save $3.00 on this twin pack with the promo code TRICKORTREAT bringing the price down to just $5.99! (Batteries and lifetime warranty included).

Rayovac Halloween Safety

Our Rayovac Halloween Survival Kit is absolutely perfect for our family. When the night comes, each adult will have a flashlight and each child a glow stick.

Do you have a Halloween Safety Plan?
What are you and/or your kids going to dress up as this year?


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  1. I have dressed as a cowboy and my two sons were rabbits. They don’t like any scary costumes thus has chosen two cute-looking rabbit costumes.

  2. All very important tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great ideas! We haven’t decided on costumes yet – we tend to be last minute people. hehe.

  4. These are such GREAT tips! I’m so ready for Halloween, we will have our flashlights!

  5. I love those glow sticks. I buy one for all three of my kids every Halloween.

  6. Flashlights are a must on Halloween. Since the first of a few hurricanes hit here in 2005, trick or treating has not been the same. They now call it trunk or treating here and it happens in church parking lots. The kids walk from trunk to trunk. It was started after hurricane Rita hit and when Halloween came around there were still down trees everywhere and most street lights did not work.