Having Fun with Pictures at Google Headquarters

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If you don’t know, I have quite the obsession with Google, especially Android. The little green Android robot is so adorable! I’m surprised I don’t have a ridiculously large collection of them by now. The only reason I didn’t come home with any was because the Google gift store was closed. After our learning all about the new Moto X at our secret meeting with Guy Kawasaki, we toured Google and had a lot of fun! Get ready for lots of pictures! 

Robert, Rita and Android InternThis is an Android in training (I think). We were fortunate enough to get a ‘tour’ from the husband of my friend, Icar from My Charmed Mom. He told us that the Google employees get this hat when they complete training (or at least that is how I remember it). 

Rita on Google BikeThe Google Headquarter Campus is huge. So, when you are an employee, you can access these cool bikes. They are everywhere. You can just grab one and ride it to wherever you need to go. I kind of wish I had one at home. 

Robert on Google BikeRobert was more excited about the bell. He didn’t want this picture but I insisted. He loves Google just as much as I do. Don’t let him fool you. 

Google Android in SpaceThere was this super cool Android with eyes that lit up at the top of a building. The eyes lit up all different colors – red, yellow, orange… of course, I made everyone stand there and wait for the eyes to light up green so I could take a picture. This is what I call Android in Space. 

Google Lobby SignThen we came up to the Google Lobby. Not only did we get to see it, we got to go in! Thanks to Icar’s super cool husband. Not just anybody can get into these places so I was very grateful. 

Robert and Google EarthWe found this huge Google Earth station. It was pretty awesome. You could view Earth (even your house) in life size form. 

Rita in Google PhoneboothThen I found this nifty Google colored phone booth. I didn’t even know these still existed. The cool thing about this one was that it really worked and didn’t take money. You could just make free phone calls. That didn’t surprise me too much. After all, we were at Google. 

Huge Google PhoneThen we found this humongous Google phone. It was life sized. We played around with it for a while. Here is Robert downloading the app, Giveaway Gnome, that he created to the giant phone. 

Robert and the Huge Google PhoneRobert also downloaded his app, Moments, to the ginormous Google phone. It was cute. It was kind of like a kid in a candy store. Speaking of candy…. 

Rita playing Candy Crush Saga

Anybody want to play Candy Crush Saga? I had to get a picture of me playing (of course). I’m not surprised that the game was already downloaded on the phone. I’m guessing not too many people play it because it was only on level 14 or something crazy. I’m WAY past that. 

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  1. wow, what an awesome opportunity! I don’t play candy crush saga though; no time. lol

    • It was amazing! I had such a great time, I didn’t want to leave. I’m not completely addicted to Candy Crush Saga like some people are. I usually play it at night after I lay down in bed. I guess it’s my way to ‘unwind’ even though it stresses me out. lol

  2. Wha??? How’d I miss the after-party?!

    • We were leaving and still had a little daylight so we went on a hunt for the Android lawn statues. We ran into Isis and Icar. Icar’s husband showed us where all the good stuff was.

  3. I soooooo jealous. I should have hung out with you guys LOL Great pics!

    • Although this was so much fun… my favorite pictures are the Android lawn statues in my other post! Did you see those ones? I didn’t come all this way to visit Google and not check out the Androids!


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