Hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

This post is sponsored by Origami Owl. All opinions are those of my own.

As I previously shared with you, Origami Owl is not my first venture with direct selling companies. One of my biggest challenges has always been throwing the parties. When I thought about hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, I will admit that I was nervous. The last time I tried to host such a party, two people showed up (one was my Mom).
Hosting My First Origami Owl Jewelry Bar #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyDon’t get me wrong, I have friends but maybe I’m just not a party throwing kind of person. So, I put my brain to work and, with some amazing assistance from a friend, we set out to put on a successful Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. With limited time, she was able to help me fine tune the details.
Origami Owl Jewelry Display #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappy

The actual Jewelry Bar was the most important part to me. It’s early in my Origami Owl Designer career; therefore, I don’t have a ton of product to put on display just yet (it will come in time). I started with a simple white tablecloth and added a burlap runner to give it that rustic feel. I displayed a Silver Living Locket with Crystals on a bust and surrounded it with various Origami Owl components that were in my Holly Jolly Box of Happy. Of course, I incorporated the Origami Owl sign after framing it and gave it a finishing touch of an over-sized ornament.

Origami Owl Decorations #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyAlthough this is a horrible photo, the hanging decorations for the Jewelry Bar were very cute. We hung a string of beads that held on to a couple of ornaments and a tissue paper ball. It looked much larger and beautiful in person (I promise).

Origami Owl Bird House #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyThe bird cage was one of my favorite things. We added some snow, a few mini ornaments, a tiny tree, along with a soft and furry owl. This bird cage has now become decor in my home. We’re trying to decide if it belongs in the family room or my daughter’s bedroom. Who knows, I might need to go pick up another.

Origami Owl Christmas Tree #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyWith this being a Holiday themed Jewelry Bar, we needed some sort of a Christmas tree. We added some snow, a few mini ornaments and the boxes a couple of the Twist Living Lockets came in. My friend also put her Cricut to use and made those cute little paper birdhouses to accent the tree. The fortune cookies were made of paper and contain a coupon for those that chose to host their own Jewelry Bar in the future.

Origami Owl Stocking Stuffers #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyOrigami Owl makes great gifts and I wanted to be sure that I kept that on all of my guests’ minds. Not only can you box one up and put it under the tree, you can also package it and stick it in their stocking for a fun Christmas surprise.

Origami Owl Food Display #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyAt every party there is food! I set up a food table right next to the Origami Owl Jewelry display and kept the theme ongoing. I accented it with a couple of framed Origami Owl postcards and an owl that was actually meant to be a tree topper.

Origami Owl Infused Water #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyAfter my mouth was watering for the infused water I came across last week, I knew I wanted to treat my guests. I added ice, oranges and cranberries to water in a decorative dispenser. It was easy. looked classy and everybody loved it. We also served sparkling cider and wine.

Origami Owl Tortilla Wraps #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyFor the main appetizer, we served a variety of tortilla wraps. There was Turkey with Cheddar Cheese, Cranberry with Feta Cheese, Ham with Olives and Provolone and Salami with Jalapeno. My guests also brought dishes of their own such as a Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip and mini Taco Salads.

Origami Owl Cupcakes #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyOnce I saw those adorable owl cupcakes on Pinterest, I knew I had to have them. They were so cute and fairly easy. We used Oreos and M&M’s. I notice a ton of posts used Reese’s Pieces but I didn’t even think of those, for some reason.

Guests Enjoying Food Origami Owl #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxOfHappyI was very happy with the turnout of my first Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. Although I invited a ton of people (and their mothers), six adults showed up and that is impressive for me. There were two tweens there that absolutely adored Origami Owl and I’m sure they will have some of their own to unwrap this Holiday Season. I will be definitely be rewarding myself with the Hostess Exclusive I told you all about last week!

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