How to Twitter Party

Many of you have been asking me about Twitter parties and how to take part in them. I decided to create this blog post to answer all of your questions in one big bang. Let’s get started with How to Twitter Party.

What is a Twitter Party? A Twitter Party is a virtual party that takes place on Twitter where users can chat with each other using a specified hashtag (#). Most Twitter parties last one hour. Twitter parties generally have one host; although, some have been known to have more along with a panel of experts on whatever the topic might be. Twitter parties are almost always chat focused with the perks of winning prizes (we’ll get to that later). There are some parties that are for information purposes only and offer no giveaways (those can be good too – so don’t rule them out). Many websites and/or product lines have Twitter parties to get the word out about their brand.

Why is there a host? Imagine sitting in front of your computer watching all these tweets coming through and having to keep up with the panel of experts (sometimes there can be many – I think I’ve seen up to ten before). A host is there to provide structure, assistance to the experts (so they can interact with the party), keep things on time and to give away prizes! The host is someone you will want to pay close attention to. They could be asking the trivia questions or questions to get the conversation started and announcing winners when they are chosen, if applicable.

How do the prizes work? Being able to win prizes at a Twitter party is definitely a perk. Sometimes the prizes to be given away will be listed along with the other party information but not always. Most of the time, the host (or an expert) will be asking questions. You have to pay attention. Sometimes the first to answer will win, the fifth to answer, the 25th and sometimes it’s random. You will come to find everyone loves random. Randomness is less stressful but the pressure of being first to answer can be fun. Most parties are choosing random winners these days. The host will allow a few minutes for the answers to come in and then will announce a winner. Very rarely will they not announce the winners during the party but I have seen it happen once.

Is it hard to win prizes? Yes and no. It depends on many factors. If there are a lot of people attending the party, sometimes Twitter can slow down and it’s hard to get your tweet in on time. There are times when the questions are super easy and you just have to answer with your own personal advice, experience, etc. Other times, the host might have you go on a scavenger hunt within the website pertaining to the party. Then you will notice the website might be slow because there are so many people accessing it at once. It’s really a hit or miss and there’s no way to ever really tell until you get going.

Do I access Twitter parties right from Twitter? You can use your regular Twitter and include the hashtag associated with the party but I do NOT recommend it. There are a couple of platforms that I personally recommend; however, I do favor one over the other. Some people use TweetChat. I prefer TweetDeck. It’s much easier for me and helps me keep parties organized. You can create a “list” within your Twitter account and easily add a column. For example, you can create a list of all the hosts, add that list as a column, then you will only see the hosts tweets within that column.

Is there a “Twitter Party Pro?” Well, yes there is! Her name is Amy and she is @ResourcefulMom on Twitter. Not only is she a Twitter Party Pro – she CREATED Twitter Parties! You heard me – the creator. She is such a sweetheart and I’m so glad I found her.

After almost finishing this post, I ran it by her to link up to her site. Little did I know, she has written a “How to Participate in a Twitter Party” post. I decided to still write this even though her post seemed much simpler. My post is more from a “partier’s perspective.” Also, if you are interested in attending one of @ResourcefulMom’s Twitter Parties, visit her Twitter Parties category on her blog to hear about upcoming parties. I hope this post helped and if I left anything out, feel free to add to within the comments. Also, if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me here or on Twitter. I look forward to seeing you at a Twitter party in the near future! Party on!


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