I’m Going to Die and None of This Will Matter.

This post is for pack rats, hoarders and bloggers. Yes, bloggers. Regardless if you are not a hoarder or pack rat, if you are a blogger, you have stuff that you don’t need. It’s almost inevitable. Sometimes I will receive packages with items that I won’t use. So, I put them aside and think they will make a good gift or perfect for so and so. Then what? Nothing. I forget about them. So I’ve been thinking… One day I will die...This is true – for all of us. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have things piled up everywhere. From the outside, it might seem that I live a normal life. For the most part, I do. But, there is stuff. There is a lot of stuff. Stuff that I don’t need. Stuff that I don’t want. Just knowing it’s there, stresses me out. I know I’m not alone. It’s really hard for me to part with some stuff. If it’s broken or unusable, that’s one thing. Then there’s the “good stuff.” For example, if I paid $50 for a dress that I wore once and now just sits in my closet, it’s hard for me to sell it for a quarter. I would rather hold on to it “just in case” then get rid of it. A few months ago, we got rid of stuff by putting it on the street for free. It was all gone within hours. I’m almost better with getting rid of it for free than for a quarter. This time is different than that time. I’m getting rid of everything. I want to live a more simple life. I want to live stress free. I want to clear my life of unwanted things. Here are some steps that I have taken and am going to take to make this easier on me:

  1. We rented a small dumpster to accommodate all the garbage we need to get rid of. We have bigger stuff that we can actually break down and get rid of now. That’s just not possible with the normal sized trash cans. We will get the dumpster for three to six days and it will cost us just over $100. It’s being delivered tomorrow!
  2. I’ve arranged for someone to come pick up the good items such as new or gently used clothing, books, unopened toiletries, accessories, etc to be donated to a local teen shelter. Just clearing off 15 hangers in my closet gives about five teenagers something to wear for a job interview. How awesome is that?!
  3. I’m going to print my quote, “One day, I’m going to die… and none of this will matter.” I will hang one in every room to remind me that whatever I want to keep, just has to go.
  4. I’m going to break my house down into sections and create a list. As I complete a section, I will cross it off. this will keep me focused and feeling accomplished. After all, I don’t have forever with the dumpster.
  5. Finally, my reward. I’m going to hire a housekeeper! For now, I’m just going to have someone come in and give our home a good deep cleaning. I might continue to have someone come in every couple of weeks or so. Honestly, this excites me. I’ve never had my house cleaned before. This will be a change and kind of nice!

While I’m doing all this, I’m going to keep trying to think realistically. Only four people live in this house, I’m sure I don’t need 50 reusable containers for leftovers. All the kids’ puzzle pieces that “must go somewhere,” they probably don’t. If I’ve read a book (even if it was SO good), and I don’t plan on reading it again, I’m going to let someone else enjoy it. This is going to be good. Even if I got rid of every single thing that I own outside of some furniture, clothing and toiletries, we still have so much more than so many people do. We have a roof over our head, food in our kitchen, clothing to keep us warm, the luxury of hygiene, water and electricity. Not to mention, we have each other. There are people that do not have any of that. I’m so grateful for this life and I intend to live it without anything weighing me down. How about you?

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  1. Maybe this is the way it goes with human race! We have that habit of grumbling over petty things, the fanatic idea of possession and lust for everything expensive. What ever you have written is a matter of conscience i.e. the sense of right and wrong doing. I hope people might realize and learn.
    Thanks for sharing wisdom 🙂

  2. This resonated with me, Rita. I just moved from about 1100 square feet to 350 square feet, for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Life is simpler and easier. The hardest things for me to part with were things that I’d neatly packed away that belonged to my late daughter (1992-2004). As I considered each item, I had to remind myself that holding on to it would not bring her back, or lessen the pain or mean the connection we have is changed in any way. THAT was hard. I still hope I don’t have regrets about any of those things of Olivia’s.

    Have you seen the movie “Into The Wild”? I strongly suggest you do. I’m not a big movie person and certainly can’t remember much from many movies. This one changed me – forever. It’s profound, and based on a true story.

  3. I love this post Rita! Keeping it real, is really hard sometimes. You inspire me!

  4. This was really good, Rita. I have a section in our garage full of stuff that I bring out several times a year when we hold yard sales. It’s getting to be a burden that I need to free myself from and let go.

  5. Dianna Thomas says:

    Wow!!! what a wonderful way to free yourself– and Im sure someone out there in never never land will really appreciate all your unneeded treasure.. Way to gooooooooo lady–THREE cheers– Its not easy but we all need to do this purging from time to time

  6. Robin Wilson says:

    God Bless You! I am going to print this out and take it with me to my sister’s house tomorrow when I go try to help her “go through her things” for the umpteenth time. She doesn’t want to let go of anything! Yes she is OCD and she is currently paying for 2 yes 2 small storage units to hold the stuff she hope to go through one day! I’m going to print out your quote too!! Good luck m’dear…you made my day!

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