I’m Pregnant – Time for Some Pregnancy Truths

I felt the magic of SAM with Poise® Microliners as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #LifesLittleLeaks

You definitely read that right – I’m pregnant! It was a complete surprise as we were done having kids (or so we thought). I wasn’t even late – I could just tell. Sure enough, I took SIX pregnancy test and they ALL came out positive! I’m six weeks and am due in August 2015. This will be my fourth child. Although we thought we weren’t planning on having anymore children, we are extremely excited and can’t wait for our new adventure. Now it’s time to start planning for all things – exciting or not and sort through some pregnancy truths.

Let the waterworks begin! You’re probably thinking I must cry a lot during pregnancies… well, I might. I don’t really cry for no reason but everything and anything pulls at my heart strings and things that I shouldn’t take personal, I sometimes do. You know how emotions can be. They are even worse during pregnancy (for me anyway). There are a few things that always remain the same for me during every pregnancy.

Pregnancy with Poise #LifesLittleLeaks

During pregnancy, I have super random cravings. At the moment of this photo, I wanted Almond Roca and a cupcake. Now that I’m sitting down writing this, I want saltine crackers and cheddar cheese. My cravings are always very specific and sometimes they are hard to figure out. Regardless of what my body is craving, I always wash it down with water. I try to stay away from sodas and sugary drinks.

Drink Plenty of Water #LifesLittleLeaks

Drinking water is super important for everyone; however, I notice it even more so during pregnancy. When I’m pregnant, my body needs a ton of water. Making babies takes all the moisture from my body. My hands, body and face become more dry than usual. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find a moisturizer that actually works. I’m currently trying to figure that one out now. Drinking water makes me feel good, a bit less dry and I know it’s the best thing for my baby.

Relaxing During Pregnancy with Poise #LifesLittleLeaks

Relaxing during pregnancy is something I sometimes forget. It’s hard to remember to relax when you have a home to tend to, kids to take care of and money to make. I have decided that I’m going to relax a bit more during this pregnancy. My last pregnancy was a bit more difficult than the first two and I’m hoping this one won’t be. I’m going to be taking some more “me time” than normal and maybe having a girls night once in a while to keep sane. As you can see, there’s a lot of laughter in the photo so tissues and Poise Microliners will be a necessity.

I get annoyed easily during pregnancy. I can’t have sheets bunched up under me while I’m sleeping, no thong underwear at night and I definitely can’t have a thick pad in my pants to catch my occasional accidents. Remember when I shared with you all the things that make my LBL act up? Well, it’s all worse when I’m pregnant. The farther along I get, the more Poise I will go through; after all, they are made with super absorbent material that discreetly keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.

So on top of allergies, laughter and sneezing, I will have a huge uterus pressing on my bladder leaving even more room for my LBL to take over. I guess I better stock up on the Poise now.

What’s your best pregnancy advice?









  1. Yeah, pregnancy is definitely a complicated period for non experienced mom. My friend, when they used to be pregnant told me about their experience and I found out that their feelings and thoughts were absolutely different! Those who expected to be pregnant usually had really positive attitude. Those for whom pregnancy was unexpected mostly suffered a lot.

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