It’s Like a Daily Professional Cleaning with the Sonicare PowerUp


Sonicare PowerUp Smile

Are you wondering why I’m so happy and smiling so big? It’s because my teeth feel amazing! Good oral hygiene leads to a happy, healthy life. I think I have heard someone say that before. When I was younger, I only brushed my teeth once a day. Now, I brush them every morning and every night (sometimes during the day, if needed). I thought that was enough. Then I met Phil. That’s the name of my new Philips Sonicare PowerUp battery powered toothbrush. 

Sonicare PowerUpBefore Phil, I used a manual toothbrush. I have weak arms and sometimes they would literally ache from brushing. (The weakness comes with my thyroid issues but that’s another story). Anyway, with he Philips Sonicare PowerUp, I don’t have to scrub, scrub, scrub. It only takes a light glide around your mouth and the ;powerful motor does the rest. The Sonicare PowerUp has so much power, it was overwhelming the first time I used it; however, after that, it was a match made in heaven. 

Sonicare PowerUp HeadThe head of bristles are like that of a normal toothbrush – nothing out of the ordinary. Then you press the power button and you are in a whole new world. After using the Sonicare PowerUp, I can’t believe how inexpensive it is! In my opinion, I would pay $50 for it. Guess what? It’s UNDER $20! I still can’t believe it. I picked mine up at Walmart – it’s also available on Walmart’s website. I bought a three pack of replacement heads that way my husband could try it out before buying him his own. He is amazed by it just as much as me – he’s getting his own. Orange for me and blue for him. 

Every day is like a professional cleaningThe statement behind Philips’ Sonicare PowerUp is "A month’s worth of strokes in a day." I definitely have to agree. Every single day, I leave Phil (my Sonicare PowerUp) feeling like my teeth were just professionally cleaned. There are hard to get to areas in my teeth where they would still seem a little rough (even after five minutes of scrubbing with my manual toothbrush). With Phil, every single area of my teeth are left feeling polished. My manual toothbrush is fired. I’ve actually been thinking I needed a small brush clean in small cracks around the bathroom sink. My manual has just been demoted. Out with the old and in with the new. 

Check out this neat video showing the evolution of toothbrushes. Be sure to follow Philips Sonicare on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. 



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  2. I am KIND of a toothbrush junkie, but I don’t have this one yet.

  3. I probably should switch out from old school toothbrush because I dont think I am brushing my teeth very well

  4. i would love to switch out my toothbrush for the sonicare power up!

  5. I had a sonicare and loved it.

  6. denise says:

    love my sonicare