It’s time for Christmas Shopping… I’m So Not Ready for This.

Two Words… Christmas Shopping. Do you love it or hate it? Many years ago, I enjoyed going out and finding the perfect gifts for all the special people in my life. That was years ago. Now, three kids later, I prefer to open my laptop, find ideas and have the items shipped directly to my front door. Then, all I have to worry about is wrapping paper. 

Have you ever bought the "perfect" gift to later find out it was far from perfect? One year, when my son was about 12, I bought him a bicycle. I thought he would really enjoy it. Little did I know, he had no intention on riding it more than once. I don’t know how many times I have bought my kids things that they just looked over – to think of all the money I could have saved over the years.

Watch this hilarious video of a thoughtful gift gone wrong. Then tell me what’s gone wrong with your Christmas shopping? On a side note, my three year old has watched this video about 48 times so far and now he wants a pony for Christmas – a real one.


This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. All thoughts and opinions are those of my own. 


  1. I hate that feeling!! I kind of want to give everyone in my family a gift card this year hehe

  2. Hahahhahaha!!! Now I totally want a pony!!!! That was awesome. It’s been a horrid week and I’m not even a little close to being ready, so that was great! I may or may not show the small fry… I’m NOT getting that! 😉

  3. Haha, that is a great commercial. I gave up on trying to give people “real” gifts, so I buy them what I’d honestly want myself – gift cards they can put towards what they really want. To make it a bit more from the heart, I usually pair it with some of their favorite homemade goods as well. 🙂

  4. At present the only person I buy the PERFECT gift for who is really disappointed with it is the Husband. There is just no pleasing him with gifts. his toys he wants are far out of my price range. I should just give him a picture of what he really wants and say, “some day”. and note how much I have saved thus far, and how much more $ I still need to save before I reach it. lol.