Jumbo the Jet Remote Control Airplane by The Learning Journey Review

 The Learning Journey manufactures an exclusive line of award-winning children’s interactive educational products. All of their products endorse learning and developing confidence. The products are designed to help children build the necessary skills to be prepared for school and life. The Learning Journey’s mission is to provide an opportunity to offer every parent affordable, high quality educational materials to ensure a successful start in school for their children.

The Jumbo the Jet Shape Sorter Remote Control Airplane is just one of the many great products from The Learning Journey. My son was very excited to receive this toy. He has had an obsession with airplanes for almost a year now. I was happy that it was a toy he would enjoy and there was also an educational factor to it, as well. 

There are two different modes of shape sorting (see video below). One that encourages them to find a certain shape and color. Then there is another that will simply tell them the shape and color they are inserting. Of course, I had to test it out myself. It is also very durable. They toy is for 18 months and up; however, our son is three and it survives his rough play. 

It also ended up being a bonding experience between Daddy and Son. It took our little guy a bit to understand how it worked exactly. He would walk a little too far away and expect it to still work. Even though he was out of range, he was pretty far away. You don’t have to be directly next to the airplane with the remote. You can be several feet away. 

There are two buttons on the remote which keeps it simple enough. One button moves the airplane forward and the other one moves it backwards. While it’s strolling along, it plays a few different tunes. My sons favorite is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. My hubby and I like when it’s rolling how it wobbles from side to side. It’s quite cute. Overall, this is a really great, simple, fun and educational toy. We are very satisfied with it. You can purchase this toy from The Learning Journey’s website or Amazon




  1. My daughter would really enjoy this. I think she would also love the letter bus. They have really cute toys for toddlers.

  2. Mary Dailey says:

    I like that little guys can learn to use it too. It looks bigger than I thought it would be.

  3. carren larsen says:

    This is great! I love the big buttons on the remote. My 2 year old granson would love this.

  4. allyson tice says:

    The jet is so cute! what a super cool review to do! this will prob make my shopping list for xmas!

  5. Tracy Allen says:

    Love the two different modes and a remote is irresistible to a man of any age

  6. Michelle C says:

    This toy is adorable! My three year old son is very into planes, trains, and vehicles so I know he would love to play witth this. I love that ts wiggles from side to side. Cute!

  7. bill elliott says:

    My Grandson would love this, it also help him with realizing different shapes and colors

  8. My kids would LOVE this!

  9. Tiffany Overton says:

    My son is obsessed over planes! He would love this! I love how big everything is and would be a perfect safe toy and perfect for his small hands!!

  10. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    very nice, my grandson would love this, he loves planes and I’m sure poppie would have fun with it too.

  11. Cute!! My son would love this, he loves anything that moves and has lights.

  12. Gail Williams says:

    What an amazing toy! Simple yet with a little help from Dad your son could enjoy his toy. My husband would have loved to have had this for my daughters when they were young. Of course he would have been a little technical with explanations because he is an aerospace engineer! lol

  13. Deborah D says:

    I am glad to see simple educational toys for kids. I am also glad because it gets them away from TV and the computer.

  14. I love that it plays music while it moves! My grandson would love to use this simple remote!

  15. I have a three year old nephew that loves remote control cars and I am sure he would love this and I love the educational part of it. And by the way, I can’t find the video you mentioned. Would love to watch the plane in action.


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