Keurig Brewer & a Cotton Candy Maker from Best Buy: Great Gifts at Affordable Prices


Do you have a gift buying holiday coming up – a birthday, Valentine’s Day or just for yourself just because you are awesome?! I’ll be honest, I’m going to use this post to give a BIG hint to some special people in my life on what I really want. You know, just in case they are looking to buy me something. Who has their eye on a Keurig?  

In my opinion, this Keurig – B70 Brewer – Platinum is the holy grail of coffee machines. I have been eyeing a Keurig for quite some time. It has become more desirable since our coffee maker broke and we have been drinking instant coffee for a while. You can brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages in this machine! They only take a minute! It has an LCD display where you can program the water temperature! I’m telling you, this thing has a brain. You can choose from five cup sizes and it even remembers your favorite cup size. It will even fit a travel mug if that is what you use. I NEED this. 

For the New Year, we decided we wanted to live a healthier lifestyle – as a family. Even though that can be achieved, there still needs to be some treats in our lives. I like the give the kids fun treats and desserts sometimes. I absolutely love the idea of this Nostalgia Electrics – Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker – Pink. My favorite part is that you don’t need any fancy sugars or ingredients. You simply use your favorite hard candy or sugar-free candy. That is where it has me. We could indulge in some sugar-free cotton candy! How cool is that?! My kids would love this (okay, so would I). 

I have great news! Right now you can save 20% on Small Appliances (yes, these products) and on Health and Fitness products as well! Simply click on the images below to open them up in a new window to print and save some cash! I’m pretty tempted to use it on the Keurig – we’ll see.

What would you buy with your 20% off coupon?

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  1. I’m quite tempted can save 20% on Appliances

  2. Love, love, LOVE my Keurig and the hubby has been trying to steal it to take to work. I may have to look at getting him one with these prices!

  3. I was just looking for a new K-Cup brewer – thanks for the heads up!

  4. I love, love, love my Keurig! It’s been wonderful for us – we were brewing two pots of coffee a day (one regular and one decaf), most of each pot was being poured down the drain. Now, my husband & I are both drinking less coffee and not wasting any!

  5. I still have yet to buy a keurig! But 20% is a good savings, might have to nudge someone in this house too. 😉

  6. Love love love Keurigs! You are right, that is the holy grail of home brewing 🙂