LAST DAY: Save up to 60% on Rayovac Holiday Bundles!


We are all always looking for good deals, right? I know I am! When Christmas time comes around, batteries and gadget accessories are things that I like to stock up on. You can never have enough of either. Rayovac has an amazing bundle sale going on RIGHT NOW but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! So be sure to grab them while they are a steal of a deal!

Rayovac 2 Hour Power on Sale

You might remember my review on the Rayovac 2 Hour Power. This thing is amazing! It’s on sale today. This is a bundle deal so you get THREE 2 Hour Powers for only $17.99! That is so great! There are a couple of different options, so be sure to check them out. That is like three gifts for under $20! GET THE DEAL!

Rayovac 7 Hour Power iPadAs if that wasn’t enough, right now you can get the Rayovac 7 Hour Power Portable Charger in a bundle pack for only $14.99! You would be getting the portable charger PLUS a $24 pack of AA batteries for that price! You might remember how much I loved this accessoryGET THE DEAL! 

More recently, my family and I tried to destroy one of Rayovac’s Indestructible Flashlights. It didn’t work and you can see that in the video above! There are two different deals on this one. You can get a Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Lantern, Flashlight and Headlight for $34.99 OR you can get an Indestructible Mossy Oak Bundle that includes a Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Flashlight and a 24 pack of AAA batteries!

These are just a select few deals that Rayovac has going on RIGHT NOW! With Christmas coming up, it’s a great time to stock up on batteries. There are plenty more bundles that Rayovac is offering at huge discounts. Remember TODAY IS THE LAST DAY – so act fast!

There are so many more, you should definitely check them all out! You can never have too many batteries. They even have deals on rechargeable bundles!

What kind of battery operated gifts are you giving this year?