Lo Real Fruit Beverages – Organolicious Maybe?

Product was received in exchange for this honest review.

Being someone who falls in line with being a Vegan, I am always excited to try new products like Lo Real Fruit Beverages. Most Vegan’s already know that anything that is labeled with a few key words such as, Vegan, GMO-GEO free, and Gluten Free means higher prices.

LO Organolicious PM

I received as a trial two mixed 4 count packs of their product line and some lovely product pages with colorful pictures, statistics and product facts. The bottles themselves at first appearance are very visually appealing to the eye and the senses. I immediately noticed the very beautiful script writing across the bottles saying Organolicious TM. My mind breathed a sigh of relief, this was going to be an organic product too, or so I thought.

I am not a biased reviewer, just because you allow me the opportunity to review your product at no cost in no way guarantees you a sunshine review. I am a mom after all, I have a budget and a family. I have health concerns and a future of healthy little ones to consider when reviewing these products. All products are going to get the same kind of scrutiny every other product gets when coming into my home.

With that being said let me get the negatives out of the way first. I am tied on my biggest concerns for the products on two points. One concern is the cost, which is $11.99 for a 4 pack. This equates to roughly $2.99 for 10 fluid ounces of this beverage, ouch to the pocket book. The only way I could almost justify this is for a single household consumer that is diabetic or has to the disposable income. Another concern is the sweeping script on the front of the bottles stating Organolicious, the products are not 100% organic, the bottles range from 70% to 84% organic. I wish the products were 100% organic but I am sure economically it would make the drinks very out of reach monetarily and putting my other concern in the number one spot.

My last real concern with the product is that the products contain less than 25% juice. My careful research shows that with the current cost of organic products available to use for fresh fruit/vegetable juice combo’s that would meet or beat Lo’s Glycemic Index’s the cost is equivelant or even more expensive in a 10 ounce serving than if you were to purchase the Lo Real Fruit Beverages. However, the products juiced at home would exceed the 25% juice ratio that Lo’s beverages contain, so at this point the price would be worth it to do at home juicing.

LO Organolicious glass PM

Now on to the positives!

The four varieties are very tasty. My favorite is the Pomegranate Mojito. It has a very crisp lime flavor that is excellent on it’s own and even better as an Italian soda. The three other flavors; Acai-Blue, Mango Mojito and Pomegranate are all good as well either right out of the bottle or as Italian soda’s.

Another great way to enjoy them is to turn the Italian soda flavors into popsicles for the kids, expensive popsicles but definately better for them then the high fructose corn syrup alternatives lurking out there. They are also much healthier than the white sugar and Kool-aid mixed popsicles I grew up on!

I like the idea of the Lo Real Fruit Beverages, I just cannot personally justify the cost for our family to enjoy these on a regular basis but should they come down in price I would be more than inclined to use them for Italian Soda’s on family movie night or as yummy popcicles for the kids during the summer.

Check the Lo Real Fruit Beverage website out and maybe try them for yourself. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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