Lost & FINALLY found!!!

Have you ever lost something that you just couldn’t quit beating yourself up about? I’ve lost many things but this time I probably thought about it everyday that it was missing. Last year for my birthday (September 18 – so, yes, almost a year ago) my boyfriend bought me the new iPod Nano… the little, tiny square one with the touch screen. I loved it.

Unfortunately, within about five months, that little thing was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere – in the car, work, everywhere in the house (all the jackets, purses, etc). It was nowhere. A few months later, we moved and I was sure I would find it. Nope. It was nowhere. I came to the conclusion that I had lost it elsewhere & somebody made it theirs. I even registered it with Apple’s lost & found service. Then, yesterday, we were looking for our baby’s immunization card (lol, another thing lost that we never found). My boyfriend was looking in the car before he came in to the house and said, "I have good news & I have bad news." Uh oh… but the good news was that he found my iPod!!! I easily called the doctor’s office & got a new immunization card so that was no big deal!

Tomorrow is my birthday & I feel like this is my present! I’m so glad to have it back. I still don’t have the earbuds though… don’t know where those took off to since it’s been gone. I’m sure my son ended up with them somehow. So I’m on the hunt for the cheapest Apple earbuds I can find. 


  1. That’s the best feeling when you’ve totally written something off and then it appears! Congrats on your find and happy birthday! 🙂

    • Thank you! I was sure it was a total loss 🙂 Now I’ve been using it as a pedometer more than for the music lol Thanks again – on my way to visit your blog!

  2. hey…congoz..n happy b’day in advance..