Making Memories with Outshine Fruit Bars

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I’ve said it before, Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s not too hot, not too cold and the falling leaves are beautiful! The rest of my family miss the sunshine and hot weather. It gets 100 degrees here in California and that’s just too hot for me. I like to make my family happy, so I try to find healthy snacks to serve during Fall to keep those Summer blues away.

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We’re not big on ice cream but we do love fruit bars. I’m not crazy about all the added sugars and ingredients. When I first found Dreyer”s Outshine Fruit Bars, I was skeptical. Face it, everything that tastes good and says fruit on them these days, are too good to be true. I needed some more facts.

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Outshine Fruit Bars really are great snacks. I’m pretty my kids would consider them a treat though. They only have 70 calories and no added color. As you must know, this is the Season for sniffles. Personally, I love that there is added Vitamin C in the fruit bars. It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra Vitamin C! For once, I could read and understand every single ingredient on the label.

Outshine Fruit Bars Great Fall Snacks #RealFruitBar #cbias #shop

There are many flavors to suit everybody’s taste including strawberry, lime, lemon, acai blueberry, cranberry, creamy coconut, grape, mango, pineapple, pomegranate and tangerine. Although, I want to try them all, I went with lime and strawberry. I knew my kids would enjoy those and wanted to see if they liked them before trying more.

Fall Snacking with #RealFruitBar #cbias #shop

Not only did they love them, it seemed to make our day go a little smoother. They love Summer so much, they get bored outside in the Fall. I think it’s crazy. I prefer to be outdoors this time of year. Anyway, all I had to say was popsicle and they wanted to go outside (in the Fall)!

Conversations with Outshine #RealFruitBar #cbias #shop

Honestly, I truly felt like they were making memories. My son is four and my daughter is ten. The conversation they had over an Outshine Fruit Bar was priceless. Maybe Outshine Fruit Bars will become one of their traditions. We will be trying more flavors because I could watch them bond like this every day.

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  1. So refreshing! Even on a fall day! #client

  2. My kiddos are the same way – give them a couple Outshine Fruit Bars and they are best friends! Thank you for participating in this campaign! #client