Messy, Funny Kid Videos from YouTube

So we have all seen messes in our days. Some of them are worse than others. These are just a couple of messy but funny kid videos I came across in about five minutes on YouTube. I imagine that if I searched longer, I would come across some pretty crazy ones. When my oldest son (who is now 17) was about two, he would wake up extra early (before me, of course) to get into trouble. He would get out the sugar, flour or oatmeal and make "mountains" on the carpet in the living room. It was a mess but he had fun I suppose.

With my younger two, I seem to find random crayon markings and stickers on the wall. Luckily, they are fairly easy to remove. They did put a sticker on my bedroom door and their brother’s door a while back. When I tried to take them off, they took paint with them. So I quickly stuck them back on the door. I will take them off once I’m ready to paint I guess. My son also likes to rip up paper into tiny pieces and scatter them wherever he might be. Enjoy the videos below and be sure to tell me which one is your favorite. 

Dirty Jobs Commercial
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Baby’s First Birthday Cake


Kids "Making a Pie"

Which video is your favorite?
Have your kids ever made an epic mess?


  1. Funny! There’s certainly never a dull moment with children around! Thanks, Kim