Mila Kunis Interview | Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent

When Mila Kunis first walked into the room, she was surprised to see a room full of mommies. She is so used to the standard press ant this was all new to her. "Mommy Bloggers" was quite the new trend during most of these interviews; however, I think they really enjoyed it. 

Yes, that is me coming over to the left taking a picture of Michelle Williams.
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Mila came to America when she was seven and a half, it was 1991. She read the first Wizard of Oz book when she was nine years old. The first full length book written in English that she read was Return to Oz.  She has spoken about this completely independent of this movie prior to ever being attached to this film. As a kid, Wizard of Oz was the first movie that she remembers seeing that resonated with her. For a nine year old, it was such a magical world with the color spectrum and how fantastical it was that she just wanted to live in that world. She has great, fond memories of the movie. 

WARNING: From this point forward, there may be some slight spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

She didn’t feel her role in the film was much different than the roles in the comedies she has done. Mila described Theodora as, "She’s a young, naive girl who gets her heart broken and then grows a nose." In a way, everything kind of happens independent of her and it just adds on to the fantastical element of it all. A girl gets her heat broken. This one has a negative side effect. She takes a bite of an apple and things go wrong.

We had to ask about how she feels with the whole family genre. She found it different to be in a room full of mommies. That was something new. She acknowledged that she can’t curse. During our interview, Mila realized that this is the first movie she has starred in that is not rated R.   

Mila wasn’t particularly fond of the waterfall sequence. She said it was dirty. Her favorite scene was appearing in Glinda’s castle. It took a while to shoot. She had a lot of fun with it because Michelle Williams and her had never done anything together. They really wanted to work with one another and that was their only opportunity to do it. 

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She didn’t think the technical aspects of the film were too difficult. People prepared her for a lot of green screen. She end up having a lot of green screen. Most of the sets were actually built. I remember that was very important to the director, Sam Raimi. She mentioned the castle, Emerald City, the forest, the woods, the cemetery – it was all there, it was all tangible. She didn’t have to imagine much. 

Mila felt that both witches were the same character. It’s simply a woman scorned. Theodora is a character that goes through an emotional transformation of a heartache. While she’s in transformation, she just so happens to turn green. She had a lot of fun playing both roles as the witch. 

One thing I didn’t really think about was how she gets green. Mila gave us a very detailed description of the makeup process. The beginning process was four hours. By the end of the movie, they were able to get it done in two hours. Putting the makeup on was not a problem but taking the makeup off was a whole another story. It would make her face swell! It would literally puff up. She told us to imaging ripping your skin off every day and that is what it does. It doesn’t help that it is a full prosthetic piece.  

Mila had two pieces. There’s the bottom part and then the nose and the eyebrows. It does not matter how gently it was done, you rip the skin. You’re constantly pulling at your skin every single night. She even had her makeup artist, Tracy, who was there confirm her accusations. Tracy did all the makeup for all my films on a normal basis. Something called Snappy G is used which is a gluing adhesive. She said the smell is not good and it’s just all not pleasant. 

Mila had just got her own Theodora doll two days before our interview. She said it is still in the box but she has shown it to everybody that walks into her house. She was clear that it’s not just a doll, it’s a Disney doll. When people walk in, she’s like, "hey you guys, have you seen this? Check this out? See this." She let us know that they can be purchased at Target.

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This was Mila and James Franco’s eighth movie together. So when she was asked about the cast, she said he didn’t count because they are stuck with one another. She and Rachel had a fantastic time. They had so much fun. Mila and Michelle only got to do literally one thing together and are dying to work together more. They all had a great time and Detroit was really fun. She did mention that if anybody wanted to go to Detroit, she loved it.

Like most of the cast thus far, Mila suggested that it be up to the parents to decide if their children should be allowed to watch the movie. She is not a parent and didn’t really have a recommended age. She thought it might be a little scary for a five year old but said to ask a parent. She said it’s a little spooky at times because of the 3D and things poke out at you but they can see that on the internet and that’s not really frightening for children now a days.

Mila doesn’t really think the green factor frightens the kids. It frightened her when she was little because she didn’t have the internet. She didn’t have these things in front of her and accessible all the time. She doesn’t think these things scare kids anymore. She thinks that kids are so desensitized to violence and not in a negative way what so ever. It’s just the reality of it that is changing. 

Mila was kind enough to take a picture with all of us "Mother Bloggers." Yes, she referred to us as that once. She is stunning and such a funny, nice person. Seriously, I think her and I would really get along. 

  OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL will be at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA
March 8th – April 30th in Disney Digital 3D and Real D 3D

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Although Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip, all thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own. I genuinely love this movie and it is my pleasure to share my memories with you. 



  1. This looks like it is a great movie. I love all the wizard of oz movies. I definitely want to see this one. I hope I get a chance to experience it in theaters. My kids love wizard of oz as well.