Having a #Motherfunny of a Good Time with NickMom’s Instant Mom

cbiasdiscOnce the kids are in bed, I like to relax. I try and enjoy things I don’t normally get to when the kids are up. One of those things is television. If the kids aren’t watching it, they are running around and causing a ruckus so I wouldn’t be able to anyway.

There is not even a handful of TV shows that I watch. There are about four and they are not all “in season” at the same time. Most of the time, I sit down, turn on the TV, just to find nothing on. It’s late and if I don’t have anything on DVR, I’m stuck with infomercials.

No more infomercials for me! Recently, I discovered Instant Mom on NickMom. It’s a hilarious comedy starring Tia Mowry-Hardict as 25 year old Stephanie. She trades in her carefree partying ways when she marries an older man with three kids. She keeps you entertained while becoming an instant step-mom and trying to keep her social life active.

NickMom Instant Mom Mom's Night In #shop

Every mom needs a break. I invited a couple of my close “mom friends” over for a #motherfunny time. Unfortunately, one couldn’t make it last minute because her littlest one was having a rough night and didn’t feel good. I suppose our role as mothers do come first. We started our night by NickMom Night Out and then Instant Mom.

NickMom Instant Mom Party Swag #shop

I prepared a bunch of goodies for our night of fun! I wanted to make sure we had an adequate amount of sweets, a tiny bit of salt and even a “big girl” drink. We took it easy and went with a wine cooler. I’m pretty sure I could do this every night. But, then again, I would end up gaining a million pounds I’m sure.

Watching NickMom Instant Mom on Nick Jr. #shop

My mom friend, Lucie, came over to relax for a while with me. She is a busy mom! She works, is a Girl Scout troop leader and she’s even a Grandma (even though, you could never tell!). She had never watched Instant Mom (or NickMom). She was entertained and I’m sure it will make it to her TV!

There is a new episode of Instant Mom on every Sunday night 10:00pm EST on Nick Jr. If you need to catch up on episodes or just want to laugh, there are reruns on every night! Check your local listings for times. Make sure you follow Instant Mom on Twitter! You can also follow NickMom on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on the latest news.


  1. OK so please tell me that you each ate a half gallon if ice cream? Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve done that before? I totally have. I honestly cannot think of a better way to have a mom’s night in than with sugar, alcohol, friends, and a good TV show to laugh at. All of the programming on NickMom is perfect for that, but Instant Mom is so much fun! #client