My experience inside of Disney Animation Studios #DisneyOzEvent #WreckItRalph

Once I shared my "Behind the Scenes of Wreck-It Ralph" post with you, it confirmed how much fun Disney Animation Studios was, So I decided to throw in this extra post to share exactly what I saw on ‘the inside.’ 

The front of the building had a magical feel to it. From the moment I walked up, I was mesmerized. It was a busy place too. I happened to capture the building somewhat deserted above. Get ready for lots of pictures with short explanations. My previous post tells why I was here. Now I just want to show you what I saw! 

This was a big star that blocked some elevators over to the right of the Disney Animation Building. It was kind of neat so I grabbed a picture in front of it. I kind of wish I knew where that elevator led to now. 

I definitely wouldn’t mind working here and being able to take my breaks outside of the animation studio during the beautiful Los Angeles weather. 

This was a cool plaque that I thought showed how Disney takes a lot of pride in their films. They make so many movies, it’s good to know they truly value their crew. 

I loved seeing this little images displayed in this collage frame. Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite Disney movies. 

There was a huge mural on one of the walls showing Ralph politely giving Q-bert a cherry from the Pac-Man game. The nostalgia of the movie was one of my favorite features. 

On the wall across from the mural, was tons of Wreck-It Ralph merchandise. They make so many different products. I loved the track attached to the wall. There was also a Playstation 3 hooked up where you could play the Wreck-It Ralph video game. 

There was a cute Fix It Felix demonstration on one wall. I loved that everything wasn’t just there – it all actually worked. It brought things to life.

Of course, right next to that, was a demonstration of the Sugar Rush game. Although I loved Ralph, I absolutely adored Vanellope. She was such a sweetheart. I even brought my nine year old daughter home a Vanellope plush doll and a journal set – she loved it.

When I first say a display of Ralph ready to Wreck-It, I had to get my picture with him. Little did I know, there would be more to come. 

One of the coolest things ever! There were actual Fix It Felix arcade games. Not just one – many! They were working games. Not just for looks. How awesome is that!? Some of the crew mentioned they would play them for inspiration during the making of the movie. 

When we got to where we were meeting up with everyone, we were given our official blogger badges. How cute are these?! They made each one of us into our own 8-bit character. Can you tell it’s me?

Being that it was Valentine’s Day and we were all away from our Valentines, Disney was so sweet and had each one of us a specially made cookie. It was a replica of Ralph’s medal. It even had a candy string. If that is not great enough, they had one sent home to our family too! 

The Wreck-It Ralph Arcade was even inside the Disney Animation Building! This was amazing. I wish my kids could have experienced this – they would have loved it! 

Of course if the sign says open, I’m going! If I couldn’t stay and play all day, I had to at least get a picture of me at the arcade.

My friends joined me for a photo opp at the arcade. This is Amber from Thrifty Ninja and Enza from Enza’s Bargains. They didn’t want to leave either. 

Before I left Disney Animation Studios, I said one last goodbye to my pal Ralph. Isn’t little Vanellope adorable? I swear I could live in this place. I could live there, work there, eat there, sleep there… it was so much fun! I would love to visit again one day. 

Remember to pick up your copy of WRECK-IT RALPH on Blu-ray/Combo pack March 5th, 2013! Follow Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on all the latest news and promotions. You can also visit the official Wreck-It Ralph website to learn more about the movie and have some fun! 


Even though Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip, all thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own. This is an absolutely adorable movie and I can’t wait to watch it over and over.


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