My Journey as an Origami Owl Designer

This post is sponsored by Origami Owl. All opinions are those of my own.

It’s been over one month since I became an Origami Owl Designer. It’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to continuing this journey (even after I’m done blogging about it). As you can see, my experience has been amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the overall journey of becoming an Origami Owl Designer.

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The Company, Origami Owl

From the moment I signed up, I have felt supported. You will receive helpful emails to help you build your sales and your business along the way. They offer the “O2 Academy” which is an online resource for everything including Jewelry Bars, Leadership, Products, Sponsoring and a special section for new designers. There is also a Library and a section for Personal Development. It’s pretty amazing and at your fingertips in an instant.

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Origami Owl Products

I’m almost speechless. I have no complaints, that’s for sure! Before becoming an Origami Owl Designer, I always thought there were just the Living Lockets, Chains and Charms. I was so wrong. There is so much more in the lineup of products. There are times when I want to be more simple than a Living Locket with Charms so I will throw a Tag on a chain. If I want more, I can clip a Dangle on my Chain, next to my Living Locket. The products are versatile and I love that because I’m not in the same mood every day. It’s a great feeling to help others create their story through Living Lockets and Charms. Everyone has such different stories and you can create each and every one with Origami Owl. It doesn’t matter who you are buying for or what the occasion is, Origami Owl is such a perfect gift.

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Hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

When I signed up for this opportunity, I was hesitant on hosting a Jewelry Bar. With never having success in hosting direct selling parties in the past, I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. I prepared ahead of time and I could have even started sooner. If I had, more people might have came BUT I am completely happy that six people showed up. That is a record for me. We live in a small town and it seems direct selling parties seem too old-fashioned – good thing it’s called a Jewelry Bar. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to design their own jewelry?! I love that there is an option of hosting an online only Jewelry Bar for those that aren’t into hosting in-person parties. I’m thinking about having a Spring open house. It should be fun and, by then, I will have more product to display.

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Building an Origami Owl Business

Right off the bat, you’re making money as an Origami Owl Designer. You can choose to simply sell the products, host Jewelry Bars and acquire new customers OR you can choose to expand your business by sponsoring new Origami Owl Designers. Whatever route you decide, you will always be creating an income for yourself. At this point, I have been focusing on sales; however, I’m completely open to building up my team. If you would like to chat or for me to email you more information, I would love to hear from you – CLICK HERE!

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