My LBL Experiment with Poise Microliners. Yes, I’m a Scientist.

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PoisewithSAM

Not too long ago, I got very personal with you and shared my experience with light bladder leakage. I’m here to give you more “too much information.” I’ve had time to think while I’ve been trying out the new Poise Microliners. As I mentioned before, LBL doesn’t happen very often but I’ve learned what causes it and when I need to grab extra protection. This was a big step for me. I’m one of those people that were never really into wearing any kind of pad (even if they were thin).

LBL Side of Life #PoisewithSAM

Since my last post, I’ve had time to bond try out Poise Microliners. This was something completely out of the ordinary and I wanted to be able to give you thorough feedback. For that reason, every time I thought it was going to be an intense day for allergies, I would put one in my pants (just in case). Luckily, I started early because, like I keep saying, it doesn’t happen often. Let’s take a trip… into the LBL side of life.

Exercise with Poise #PoisewithSAM

Besides allergies (which I have all the time), there is another activity that sometimes gets the best of me (but not always). One word: exercise. Maybe there is an occasional issue because I don’t do it enough. It’s quite possible, that if I exercised more often, I would perfect the technique. Right now, I’m focusing on cardio by using my treadmill. While I jog, I drink lots of water, watch a couple shows and try to get through it with no interruptions from my little people. If all that is happening simultaneously, do you really think I want to stop to go potty? Nope. So, I hold it and for too long sometimes. Then, by the time I’m done and make my way to the bathroom… well, I’m risking it – let’s just say that.

Poise Paper Thin #PoisewithSAM

Obviously, I can’t show you the results that were in my pants but I’m going to do my best to give you some real experimental research feedback. The first thing that amazed me was how truly thin the Poise Microliners are. Seriously, they are paper thin. This photo doesn’t do the similarity justice. It was difficult to capture the difference because they were so alike.

Water Test #PoisewithSAM

The next thing I wanted to demonstrate was the absorbency. I stuck a Poise Microliner to a piece of paper (I’m not sure why); maybe I felt like they belonged together. Anyway, I got a glass of water and poured it everywhere. Literally, I made a huge mess. I wasn’t thinking about that because I was too busy being a wannabe scientist.

Incredibly Thin Poise #PoisewithSAM

Once I poured about six ounces of water, I stopped. I’m confident that at least three ounces of water was absorbed into this microliner. No joke. Even though it was holding so much water, it was still so thin! Don’t get me wrong, it bulked up a teeny tiny bit but nothing to write home about. Errr… you probably wouldn’t write home about this anyway.

Super Absorbent #PoisewithSAM

For my last bit of fun experiment, I want to demonstrate the dryness. Remember, this Poise microliner has like two or three ounces of water in it. I squished this thing like I was trying to save my life from a big scary spider – nothing. The lining was dry and so was my hand. I even tried to rip it a little and that didn’t work either. I’m sure scissors would do it but if you ever have scissors in your pants, you have other problems.

Poise Microliners #PoisewithSAM

We all know lbl sucks and nobody really wants to deal with it but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Since you must play the hand you’re dealt with, you might as well do it right. If you experience lbl, go grab a box of Poise Microliners. If you’re anything like me, one box will last you forever because there are 54 of them inside! Plus, they are even super thin folded up in their packaging for safe (and private) storage at home or on the go. You could put one in your back pocket of some tight skinny jeans and nobody would know. So, now that you know my life story, tell me yours!

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What’s the most embarrassing item you’ve had to transport discretely?


  1. Good advertising.

  2. That little tiny pad sure does hold a lot of water. Plus, get those scissors out of your pants silly. đŸ˜‰

  3. “If you ever have scissors in your pants then you have other problems” – HILARIOUS, Rita! Haha! I love how thin the pads are, too!


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