My Secret Meeting with Guy Kawasaki at Google HQ

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Now that you know all about the new Motorola phone, Moto X, let me tell you about my experience at my secret meeting with Motorola. This private event was hosted by Guy Kawasaki himself at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. I was so excited to attend because I love technology and am obsessed with Google. I was accompanied by my handsome hubby, Robert from Developmental Dad. Be sure to check out my post that is full of pictures that include all the Android versions. 

Name on the StairsWhen we first arrived in the building, my attention was drawn to the stairs. Why? Because they were lit up so brightly and each stair scrolled through all of the attendees names. I felt pretty important. I happen to catch the two bottom stairs displaying both of our names at the same time. How cool is that?!

Robert and Rita at GoogleWe had some time to waste so we charged our phones, chatted with other guests that were arriving and, of course, we took some pictures. Here is Robert and I. I’m not sure where we are standing. I do know the floor lit up as you stepped on it. 

Rita, TerriAnn & Margaret at GoogleAs people started arriving, I recognized a few familiar faces. Here is me, Terri from Cookies and Clogs and Margaret from Marg’s World. I have met both of these fine ladies at past events – it was nice to see them again. 

Lights at GoogleI was fascinated by many things at Google including their decor. Don’t you think hanging microphone lights would be kind of neat in an entertainment room or something?

Android at GoogleThis gentleman greeted you at the elevator. I was excited as this was the first Android I saw of the evening. Later, I ended up finding many more. 

Kristi Yamaguchi at GoogleAfter we learned all about the amazing features and got our hands on the Moto X phone, we had a nice dinner full of great food and even better conversation. Many amazing people were there – some famous. Kristi Yamaguchi was among those present. Kristi is an American figure skater. She is the 1992 Olympic Champion in ladies’ singles. She also won two World Figure Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992 and a U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 1992.

Bret Hedican at GoogleIf you are a hockey fan, you might recognize Bret Hedican. Bret is a professional hockey player and a two time US Olympian. He played for the St. Cloud State Huskies, St. Louis Blues, Peoria Rivermen, Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes and the Anaheim Ducks before retiring in 2009. It was a pleasure to meet him. 

We had a great time. My biggest regret was not getting a picture with Guy Kawasaki. What is wrong with me? He is one of the first people I followed on Twitter many years ago. I reminded myself to grab one when cameras weren’t allowed. By the time we could bring them out, I completely forgot. Hopefully, our paths will cross and I’ll get the opportunity one day. 

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Thank you to Guy, Motorola and Google for a lovely evening. All thoughts and opinions are those of my own. I was not compensated for this post. 


  1. So cool! Google HQ is an amazing place to visit from the looks of things, but you also got to meet Guy, whoa!

    • It was such an amazing experience. I have never done anything like that before. I just about fainted when the invite came into my email from Guy himself. I felt like a rockstar. (Okay, I still kind of do.) Thanks for stopping by!


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