New Iron Man 3 Trailer + Exclusive Interview with Marvel’s Kevin Feige! #DisneyOzEvent #IronMan3

While I was in Los Angeles for the world premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful, we had a fun filled day of Wreck-It Ralph. There was one thing I didn’t tell you because it was top secret. I can tell you now. We got to speak with Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel. That’s not all. We got a sneak peek into Iron Man 3. It was so fresh that it wasn’t even 100% finished – 98% to be exact. I’m not sharing the final Iron Man 3 trailer with you that will officially release during the Oz previews on Friday, March 8th.

Coming off of Avengers, Marvel wanted to focus on Tony. Seeing him with The Hulk and Thor was awesome and was their big event last Summer. This time they wanted to return to Tony’s world, his place in Malibu which is why you see him with Pepper. Marvel wanted to remind the audience that even though the suits are cool, Tony’s intellect is really his super power.

If you remember the beginning of the first Iron Man, Tony is in a cave. He doesn’t have access to anything and he ends up building his first Iron Man suit. Marvel wanted to put him in a similar position this time around. They wanted to take away everything from Tony and see how he can fight the villain back. The film sequence we watched was essentially that moment. Tony’s a little nervous. He has a little bit of anxiety after the events of the Avengers. He’s been to outer space, he’s seen aliens, green people, guys with hammers and he’s just a guy. It worries him and he thinks that he can only be super in a suit. This is the movie that will remind Tony that he is super, even without the suit.

PLEASE NOTE: After the Iron Man 3 trailer, there are spoilers.
(… and some cool stuff about Marvel & Disney)
Proceed at your own risk.

Happy Hogan (played by Jon Favreau) is one of Tony Stark’s best friends. He is hurt in a seemingly attack by the new villain, Mandarin, a terrorist in this world. He’s going to investigate who this terrorist is and where he can find him. It leads him to a place Tony has never been in any of the movies – in the middle of the good old US of A. He’s in small town, Rose Hill, Tennessee. He meets a boy. 

Marvel really wanted him to be fighting for his friends and for the love of his life, Pepper. Tony is comfortable in the Penthouses of Manhattan and in Malibu mansions. Here he is in the middle of Tennessee with his hat pulled low and he’s trying to do this investigation. Then this very sweet and funny relationship begins with this little boy, Harley. This, again, reminds the audience that he is a superhero. He is also their most famous superhero because he’s got a very intelligent, scientific mind.  

Marvel had this idea to team him up with the little boy, Harley, for a section of the movie. Looking for the perfect boy to fit into the movie, they auditioned lots and lots of kids. Tyson Simpkins came in for an audition and was just a real kid. He could barely keep a straight face looking at Robert Downey Jr. He bonded with Robert completely and they decided to cast him.  

Kevin called Robert and said, "I think he’s the best kid. I’m going to cast him." Robert wanted to call Tyson. So Kevin called Tyson’s mom to ask what time he gets out of school and to get his cell phone number. When he came out of school, his cell phone rang and it was Robert Downey, Jr. calling. How lucky is that!? Robert told him that he was going to be in Iron Man 3. Their relationship continued like that for the rest of the production. It was really great and they formed a nice bond, along with some smart-aleckness mixed in.

They have a fun bond in the film. Tony does not treat him like a kid necessarily. He does not pat him on the head and treat him like a little boy. Kevin thinks little boys like when adults don’t treat them like that. Marvel has screened Iron Man 3 for a few audiences in a normal test screening and this relationship is ranked as one of the most surprising, unique, and new things about the movie. This was exciting for them because it was one of the scary things.

You got a little taste at the very end of the trailer, uh, that there are a lot of suits in this movie.  While, uh, it is both a movie in which he spends quite a bit of time outside of the suit, as you see it’s not working and he’s- and he’s with Ty in, uh, Tennessee, uh, by the end of it we reveal that underneath the house, which is now covered with rubble, he’s got dozens and dozens of suits.  And once, throughout the course of the movie, and all that rubble gets pulled aside by construction cranes, just when he needs him, he calls him to the rescue and we have what I think is the biggest, you know, most action packed finale we have had.

Keven showed Iron Man 3 to Joss Whedon who is our writer-director of Avengers. He is currently working on Avengers 2. He saw the finale of this and he said, "Now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in Avengers 2?"

We asked how much thought Marvel puts into bringing the female audience into their movies. Marvel wants their movies to be enjoyed by everyone. They don’t necessarily sit down and go, how do we make men like this movie? How do we make women like this movie? What they love about their is they are human and flawed. They react even with aliens coming at them, with armored suits flying at them and villains shooting rays at them. The way they respond to those situations, they try to make it as emotionally truthful as possible which appeals to women.

Tony Stark has been with the same woman the whole time and the relationship just grows. The relationship gets deeper and deeper. In this film they live together. We got to see a little bit of the banter with Maya (a new character played by Rebecca Hall). The truth of the matter is, the love triangle in this movie is really between Tony, Pepper and the suits. Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits and with technology. 

There is a bad guy. The stakes are very, very high,. The President of the United States is in danger. Air Force One is attacked. There are big stakes to this movie. But the real stakes are, is Tony going to be able to set aside the obsession to spend all day, every day in that workshop, tinkering with the suits, in order to focus on the one thing that matters most – Pepper. That actually is what the entire movie’s about.

Kevin had some great things to say about Marvel working with Disney. Kevin says he’s obsessed with Disney and with Disney theme parks. His reaction was great when he was first asked by the heads of Marvel what he thought of Disney because they were thinking of selling the company. Kevin pulled out my wallet, got the annual pass, the Disney DVC membership – all of that stuff. Kevin and his family visit Disney theme parks every year. They still do, over New Years, down in Florida.

Kevin understood why Disney wanted Marvel. They did not necessarily have things for boys and for that market. They were very great in early meetings we had with them.  Disney said, like Pixar, they like what Marvel was doing.  We want you to keep doing what you’re doing.  And that was, I don’t know, two years ago now.  Two or three years ago.  And that has- that has certainly held true.  They’ve let us make the movies we want to make the way we make them.

The best thing about what Disney can do is tap into so many things. The Avengers is the perfect example of that Kevin use groups like ourselves, as an example (speaking of "Mommy Bloggers). Disney brings so much marketing to Marvel. They bring passion to it. They did a spectacular job with marketing the Avengers and tapping into everything that a company as huge as Disney can do. Kevin did say, at the same time, what he loves most about Disney is, despite it being the biggest entertainment conglomerate on earth, it’s Disney. It can be very personal. 

Marvel hopes to get into more of the parks and things like that. They want kids to be able to come experience Marvel the way he experiences the Disney parks. So it’s been very positive in the fact that we have a home now. The first Iron Man film, the second Iron Man film, for Captain America were distributed by another studio, who did a very good job with those movies. It was a side arrangement that Marvel had with them. They were one of a number of things they were distributing.

As mothers, we appreciate Marvel having a positive role model as far as relationships go. Pepper was always the most important relationship to Tony Stark in the comics.  That’s not always true with others. A lot of the other characters don’t have that. The Marvel characters sort of do. Thor has the Natalie Portman character who continues into the next Thor film. They pull it all from the comics and that is what it was. It really was fun to us in the beginning of Iron Man 1.

Tony goes to Vegas, he sleeps with a reporter to sort of set up that relationship with Pepper. There’s a flashback at the beginning of this movie with the Rebecca Hall character that shows what he was like many years ago, before he became Iron Man. You see a little bit of that playboy. The fact is, you always want to remind audiences of that side of him, so you can appreciate how mature he’s getting – that he’s putting all that aside to be with her. Plus, the chemistry between Robert and Gwyneth is spectacular.

With each movie they ask themselves if they want to bring Pepper back? Yes, of course they do because it’s just so strong. Even in Avengers, you can tell how close he is with Pepper just in those few scenes together. When he’s flying up to save the planet, he calls her. That’s the one call. Marvel loves that it’s unique in these kind of movies.  They think it’s an important relationship between them.

All of Marvel’s movies are PG-13. This movie is somewhat intense but parents know their kids. Kevin knows parents who will allow their four year old to see this movie and others that might not allow their thirteen year old to see it. It really depends on the parents. For Marvel, there are things you can do if you are going by the letter of the law in a PG-13 movie. There is a level of violence you can add, there’s a level of sexuality you can have, there’s a level of language you can have. Marvel never goes anywhere near the top of that. Because they don’t want to. That’s not what their characters are about.

They want it to be real. They want an amount of fighting, explosions and some blood on his nose when he puts the suit on, they do want that. Otherwise it’s just a CG thing hitting a CG person. That is why they always stay in the PG-13 range. Jon Favreau (who worked on the first two movies, Joss Whedon (worked on the Avengers) and himself, they all have kids. They want to be able to take their kids to these movies and to enjoy them. It’s really the level of intensity that determines whether parents are comfortable taking their kids to it as opposed to content, necessarily.

In terms of the marketing of this movie, if you go back and look at the marketing of Avengers, it promises a much darker, important movie than the movie actually is. The movie is much more fun than the trailer would show.  Same thing with this film. In this trailer, Tony is being blown apart, his life is at stake… how will he get out of it?  The movie is much, much more fun. That’s what gets people into the audience. Is he going to get killed? I got to go see this. What’s going to happen? Thank goodness, that’s what we want.

In terms of what differentiates it, he does think that there’s a legacy and a history with Marvel. You have grandparents, parents and kids that know them – whether they read them or not. Kevin has met people that are eighty years old, ninety years old and that talk about reading a Captain American comic. He doesn’t know if they were actually in the trenches but somewhere at some point in World War II. He has a three year old nephew and a four year old daughter who asked me all about Iron Man. They wanted to know if he flies, if he’s a robot – what is it? Because of the toys or the pajamas or the shoes. He loves that about Marvel. He loves that it can stay cool and relevant from a two year old to a twelve year old to a twenty-two year old to a ninety-two year old. 

In this Iron Man movie, Marvel played with the convention of the "damsel in distress" with Pepper. They were somewhat bored by that. Sometimes we need our hero to be desperate enough in fighting for something other than just his own life. So there is fun to be had. Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior? She might just spend some time in a suit. 

In terms of where Marvel with go with future movies, we’ll have to wait and see. In the comic books, Pepper does get a taste for the suit and becomes her own hero named Rescue. She doesn’t necessarily battle other people but is on missions to help and save people. Will they do that down the line with Gwyneth Paltrow?  Who knows. It’s certainly something… her being in the suit is something they have been playing with since Iron Man 2. They did some designs and it didn’t end up fitting in that movie.  The little taste you will see is something that they are certainly interested in.

Are you excited for Iron Man 3?