One Stop Shop for Disney’s Million Dollar Arm

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a feel-good baseball movie. That’s why I’m excited for Disney’s Million Dollar Arm. I absolutely love movies that are based on true stories and this one is! To sum it up, sports agent, JB, sets out to find baseball’s next great pitching ace once he realizes things aren’t going well in his career. His goal is to turn a young pitcher into a major league baseball star.

Million Dollar Arm

JB travels to India and produces “The Million Dollar Arm” reality show competition. He discovers two young boys who have to clue about playing baseball but they sure can throw an amazing fastball. He brings them to America to train them hoping to score them major league contracts. He ends up learning a lot more for himself. Want more? See some great clips below. 

Million Dollar Arm Featurette

“We Might Have to Tweak That”

“Lefty with Juice”

“A Billion New Fans”

“Taj Mahal”


“Your Porche Looks Like a Mini Van”

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