I’m an Origami Owl Designer! Check out the “Holly Jolly Box of Happy” this Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Origami Owl. All opinions are those of my own.

When I was first presented with the opportunity to become an Origami Owl Ambassador, I was excited. In the past, I have experimented with a variety of direct selling companies and never had much success. Maybe the lack of success had something to do with not feeling personally connected to the products. When you’re representing a company, it’s important that you are passionate about their background and their story – it helps you create yours.
Origami Owl Values #O2Journey OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl was founded by a girl named Bella – she was only 14 years old! She wanted a car when she turned 16. Her parents told her she would have to babysit or start a business. With just a few hundred dollars, she started selling Living Lockets to friends and family then during boutiques and house parties. They knew they had something special. I couldn’t agree more.
#HollyJollyBoxofHappy #O2Journey OrigamiOwlWhen my Holly Jolly Box of Happy arrived on my doorstep, I was excited to open it up and see what was in store for me. The box was enticing on the outside. The colors and design made me want to open it up immediately.
Opening the #BigBoxofHappy #O2Journey OrigamiOwlAfter opening my Holly Jolly Box of Happy, I saw a ton of useful information on the inside. The colors were visually pleasing and the design was trendy. I could definitely see the appeal and couldn’t wait to start promoting such an amazing company. There are SO many things in this kit – it’s amazing! Let me share what exactly is included.
Take Out Menu Holiday Catalogs #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl Tools for Success #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl makes sure you have everything you need to start your business. The “Tools for Success” includes Take Out Menus, Holiday Catalogs, Order Forms, Invitations, Jewelry Bar Planners, Thank You Cards (with envelopes) and Holiday Cards (with envelopes). Plus, they give you tips to make your business successful from the start.
Origami Owl Business Tools #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlA nice selection of business tools are also included in the Holly Jolly Box of Happy. This includes take out boxes, linen bags, fortune cookie holders, charm trays, glass votive jars and charm tweezers. Between the Tools for Success and Business Supplies, you’re all set to have a Jewelry Bar and start taking orders.

Origami Owl has a large selection of items. There was a great variety included in the Holly Jolly Box of Happy. Of course, this was the most exciting part. Let me break it down for you piece by piece.

Large Black with Crystals Locket #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlLarge Black Locket with Crystals
Medium Rose Gold Link Locket with Crystals #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlMedium Rose Gold Link Locket with Crystals
Do the Twist Silver Locket with Crystals #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl“Do the Twist” Silver Base and Face Locket with Crystals
Origami Owl Chains #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlFour Necklace Chains and Two Bracelet Chains
Origami Owl Christmas Charms #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl15 New Holiday Charms
Origami Owl Charms #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl48 Assorted Origami Owl Charms
Origami Owl Crystals #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl Stardust Crystal (to add some bling)
Origami Owl Plates #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl Plates (a nice addition to charms)
Origami Owl Dangles #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl Dangles (to hang along with your locket)
Origami Owl Tagged #O2Journey #OrigamiOwlOrigami Owl Earrings and Earring Drops

That about sums it up! As you can see, you have all the tools, supplies and product you need to get your business up and going. If you have been considering joining, I would love to have you on my team. Visit my website for more information. Also, stay tuned for upcoming posts on my story, hosting a jewelry bar and how my road to becoming an Origami Owl Designer turns out.




  1. I just loved my box as well! So excited to be working on this ambassador program with you! Which locket was your favorite?


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