Our Attempt to Destroy Rayovac’s Indestructible Flashlights (with Video)

ReqDiscRayovac Indestructible Flashlights

Many times when I see companies advertise that their product is superior to all others because of some superpower, I am hesitant. Rayovac recently sent me two of their "Indestructible Flashlights." One was ideal for a sportsman, the other was industrial grade. Before I tell you how we attempted to destroy them, let me tell you a little about the flashlights. 

Virtually Indestructible LED Camo Flashlight (Sportsman)

  • High performance LEDs and two modes: 120 Lumens, 19 Lumens (energy saver)
  • Beam distance: 160 meters, 70 meters (energy saver)
  • Battery run time: 5 hours, 40 hours (energy saver)
  • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Pattern
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Requires (3) AAA Rayovac alkaline batteries AND they are included

Virtually Indestructible LED Flashlight (Industrial Grade)

  • High performance LEDs and two modes: 100 Lumens, 18 Lumens (energy saver)
  • Beam distance: 149 meters, 56 meters (energy saver)
  • Battery run time: 15 hours, 35 hours (energy saver)
  • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Requires (2) AA Rayovac alkaline batteries AND they are included

Now let me tell you… we contemplated on how we were going to attempt to destroy these flashlights. We don’t live in a rugged area and don’t do outrageous activities. So we thought we would go outside and have some fun with the kids. 

Rayovac Flashlights with Water PouredWe placed the Rayovac Indestructible Flashlights in the dirt and poured water over them. Nothing. They still worked. That didn’t even phase them. We needed to go BIGGER. 

Rayovac Flashlights in Submerged in WaterWe submerged the indestructible flashlights in an ice chest full of water. We left them in there for about a half hour. Not only did it do absolutely nothing to them, but they were on the entire time. They were still shining just as bright in the end. We had to think of something even bigger. After all, we were on a mission to destroy these flashlights. 

Rayovac Flashlights with Cement SlabYes, it was time for this slab of cement to land on a flashlight that was standing up on cement. Want to see what happens? Watch the video below and see what happens when a Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Flashlight gets smashed between cement. 

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  1. Ohh wow this is the flashlight we need!

  2. That is amazing! My kids would love to try and destroy the flashlights too. lol Great review!

  3. lol, that actually sounds like a lot of fun trying to destroy those flashlights!

  4. Okay, that is awesome. I think we need to get one, just to try it at home! HA! kidding. I love how indestructible they are. Very cool

  5. Ah! That’s hysterical!! The cement chipped. WTH? That’s truly indestructible!


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