Pictures of the Android Lawn Statues at Google HQ

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It’s really no secret. If you are an Android fan like me, you know all about the different versions of Android. You know what I’m talking about – all those cute dessert names. I’m sure you know about the Android lawn statues that are at Google Headquarters too. I have always wanted to see them in person. During my secret meeting with Guy Kawasaki, after we learned all about the Moto X, I was able to take a tour of Google. That included seeing all of the Android statues! 

Android Building at Google HQThis is where all the magic was. In the yard of this Android building. I’m not really sure what goes on inside there but I’m sure it’s all wonderful things. 

No Climbing on AndroidsThere were rules. We broke them. You’ll see. Hey, at least we listened when they said picture taking was encouraged. We pretended not to see the other part. 

Robert, Rita & AndroidThe first version of Android was released in September of 2008. This was before all the fancy codenames. It was just a plain old Android back then. 

Rita and Android CupcakeThe Cupcake version of Android was released in April of 2009. This was the first release to officially have a codename that was based on a dessert. 

Rita in the Android DonutAndroid Donut was released in September of 2009. In the donut release, the ability to delete multiple pictures at once was added. That is a handy option for someone who takes a million pictures (like me). 

Robert and the Android DonutRobert wanted a little donut action too! I’m sure one of his favorite features of this release was being able to view screenshots of different apps within the app store. 

Rita and Android EclairIn October of 2009, the Android Eclair version was released. Android brought us live wallpapers at this time. I’m sure we have all played with them. I especially love the one where all the little Android guys get shaken around on the screen. 

Robert Planking on Android EclairI’m guessing because the Eclair was so long, is the reason why Robert felt the need to plank. He normally doesn’t plank. We were having fun. It almost felt like we were kids again. Here we are, with all this cool stuff, and our kids were at home! 

Rita and Android FroyoIn May of 2010, Android gave us Froyo. They hooked us up with Adobe Flash Player support, USB tethering and Wi-Fi functionality with this one (among other features of course).

Rita and Android GingerbreadAndroid Gingerbread was ‘gifted’ to us in December 2010 (festive, right?). With this came the ability to have multiple cameras on one device. Before this, the front camera was not supported. 

Rita and Android HoneycombGoogle rolled out Gingerbread in February of 2011. This brought that handy system bar up top – you know the one you pull down for notifications and such. In a later update, we were able to re-size our home screen widgets. 

Rita and Android Ice Cream SandwichIn October 2011, Ice Cream Sandwich was released. This brought so many great, enhanced features to Android (too many to even try to list) including a customizable launcher. 

Rita and Android Jelly BeanJelly Bean was released in July of 2012. This is the current version of Android that we use today. Although the entire Android journey has been amazing, the most exciting features starting releasing with Ice Cream Sandwich and just sky rocketed with Jelly Bean (in my opinion). I can only imaging what Google has in store for us in the future. Technology is constantly evolving and they are always up on the game.

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I was not compensated for this post. Thank you to Guy Kawasaki, Motorola and Google for an amazing evening learning about the Moto X. 


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