Quick Fried Chicken Recipe

cbiasdiscQuick and easy meals are my favorite. The kitchen isn’t my favorite place (yet). So the quicker I can get out, the better. Don’t get me wrong, once in a while I like to attempt elaborate meals; however, I prefer speedy and painless cooking. When I saw the Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters at Walmart, a quick fried chicken solution came to me. I love fried chicken but the oil is such a mess. Plus, I’m not fond of oil dripping everywhere as I’m eating.Quick Fried Chicken Ingredients www.momwitha.com #SautéExpress #shopI always try to use as few ingredients as possible – the less, the better. For my quick and easy friend chicken, you will only need a handful of ingredients. Literally, you’ll only need five things that include eggs, flour, bread crumbs (or corn flakes or Panko… you get it), boneless chicken breasts and Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters.

The Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters come in five different flavors. The mouth watering flavors are Savory Butter & Olive Oil, Italian Herb, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper and Garlic & Herb (which is what I chose).

Steps to Quick Fried Chicken www.momwitha.com #SauteExpress #shopThe Sauté Express® Sauté Starter butters melt fairly quickly. I recommend preparing your chicken before starting to melt the butter. Preparing your chicken is three simple steps. You toss it around in some flour, brush some egg over it then coat it with your bread crumbs (or whatever you decided to use). Your chicken will then be ready for the skillet. *Side note: I slightly boil my chicken before prepping to ensure it’s cooked throughout. 

Melting Land O Lakes Saute Express Butter www.momwitha.com  #SauteExpress #shopThis is when you use your Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starter. I started with once cube but ended up using two. You could use both in the beginning, it might be easier. My house was immediately filled with an amazing garlic and herb aroma – almost like I had been cooking all evening.

Quick Fried Chicken Cooking www.momwitha.com #SauteExpress #shopOnce my Sauté Express® Sauté Starter butter was melted, I added my coated chicken. Because I had boiled my chicken a bit before coating, it didn’t take long at all. I only left it on about five minutes each side. You don’t want to cook it too high because you don’t want your butter to burn up before your chicken is done.

Quick Fried Chicken with Sauté Express www.momwitha.com #SauteExpress #shopThis was a small, light meal for us this time. We needed something fast, delicious and not too heavy. I served it with a petite artichoke. My bread crumbs didn’t need any flavoring because the Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starter was full of flavor!

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What’s your favorite fried chicken coated with? 
Do you have any fried chicken tips?






  1. I love seasoning my fried chicken and then ‘oven’ frying it. I will have to try it with the saute express next time I make it! #client

  2. My kids’ favorite chicken is when I use crushed Goldfish crackers as my breading. I prefer Panko crumbs with chicken bouillon mixed in (Milanese style!). But I will definitely be trying the Saute Express!!! It sounds much better than cooking in plain butter.