Safety Features of the Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill


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Safety has always been a pretty big deal for me, especially since having children. When making purchases, I always research the safety features before deciding on a product. I had to do the same when thinking about a treadmill. Our house isn’t tiny but we definitely don’t have an entire extra room for exercise equipment. That’s when I had to be sure about the safety features of the Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill

Smooth Fitness Treadmill Safety Feature

Obviously, such a machine could be dangerous for children. I mean what if your child turned it on and got flipped off of it? That could be scary for everybody and they could get really hurt. The Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill has a great safety cord. There is a magnet on one end and a clip on the other. If the magnet is not connected to the yellow area, the machine will not turn on. Once connected, if you fall off, the machine will immediately power off when the magnet disconnects from the machine. 

This is a great feature for children because the machine will not operate without it. It’s a great feature for adults that way, if they fall, further injuries from the machines motion will not occur. Of course my kids stand on it. They even set up a pretend store on it earlier today. I’m completely comfortable with that because they do not have the safety cord and it will not turn on without it. For the treadmill to turn on, it must be plugged in, switched on and have the power cord attached. 

My Workout. 

How am I doing while using the Smooth 6.75? I’m still going two to three miles a day, three days a week. I’m hoping I can do a little more next week. I’m supposed to participate in The Color Run this week; however, I’m not sure if traveling is going to work out for me. It’s a couple hours away. I’m not sure I’m ready. It’s only a 5k but I have never ran a marathon before. I think I’ll start to do a little incline on Wednesday and see if I can handle it. 

Bobby on Smooth Fitness Treadmill

My hubby has been running on it every morning before anybody even gets out of bed. I would never know because it’s a very quiet machine. It doesn’t even come close to waking anybody up. I caught him at the end of his run a couple of days ago. We both have goals to be in shape. We are not getting any younger. Plus, we would love to get healthy as a family. It’s a lot easier that way. 

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