Sally Hansen Nail Art Fun with My Daughter #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

Sally Hansen Nail Art #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comI’m always on the look out for fun things to do with my children. I think it’s important to spend quality one on one time with each of them. My daughter, Briana, is nine years old and loves girly girl stuff. We had a girls’ night a while back and painting our nails was on our list; however, we never ended up getting to it. When Mother’s Day came around, I knew it was a perfect time to do that with her. Sally Hansen had exactly what we were looking for. 

Sally Hansen at Walgreens #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

We went shopping for some supplies to get started on our mother/daughter manicure date. Dad was taking the little guy out for the day so it was just us girls. We scurried over to Walgreens to shop for some Sally Hansen nail art supplies. It was great, everything was all about "I Heart Nail Art." There was so much to choose from. They had two featured displays plus the usual spot down the aisle! The displays really portrayed pop art, in my opinion. We were there for over an hour. We wanted to bring it all home; unfortunately, the monthly bills say otherwise. We had to play the process of elimination game. We will be back.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Supplies #IHeartMyNailHeart www.momwitha.com

We picked up some amazing products that we couldn’t wait to try out! We chose six polishes that included Deep Purple, Sun Kissed, Hot Magenta, Blue Me Away!, Fuchsia Power and Black Out. It was really hard the decide on which nail art pens to get. We truly wanted all of them. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it way down. After an hour, we finally decided on four. They were Neon Pink, White, Chartreuse (aka Neon Green) and Black. We also grabbed a couple of Nail Shapers and a No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen. 

Duck Tape Tablecloth www.momwitha.com

What’s a fun time without a little fun decorations? It was just my daughter and I so we didn’t want to go buy a bunch of stuff. Instead, we worked with what we had. I found one of those dollar plastic tablecloths and some duck tape. Then we just ripped up the tape and stuck it everywhere. It turned out pretty interesting – perfect for our occasion. 

Our Mother's Day Manicure Set Up #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

We needed to have some snacks readily accessible considering we were going to be doing our nails. What if we needed something but our nails were wet? Problem solved. We had some cheese popcorn puffs, jordan almonds, yogurt almonds, Hershey Kisses, Rolos and pretzels. We got our supplies ready. I even brought out my nail dryer that way we could speed the process along a bit. Each layer has to dry so this helped us in the end. 

Sally Hansen Nail Art Supplies #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

We laid out all of our products to see what we were working with and decide how we were going to do this. This was our first time doing nail art. Sure we have painted our nails plenty of times and have even applied decals. We just haven’t done anything like this. I’m pretty sure this experience has turned me into a nail polish addict. I was on the verge before this but I’m over the edge now. All the colors were awesome. It was exciting to get the pens out of their packages and into our hands. 

My Daughter Shaping Her Nail. #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

First, we simply shaped our nails. My daughter has a nail biting habit (yes, already). So there wasn’t much to file down. Mine needed some work. This was probably the quickest part of the whole thing. 

Sally Hansen Color Base Coat #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

When we were done shaping our nails, our first step was to paint on a color base. She wanted to go crazy and paint each nail a different color. I thought it was kind of neat. Remember, when doing nail art, you must let each layer dry before starting the next step. 

Drawing with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

Once we were finished with the colorful base coat, we went on to start our nail art with the pens. We enjoyed being able to simply draw on our nails. We even messed up a couple of times but it was easy to improvise and fix. The entire time we didn’t really have a plan. We just went with whatever came to mind.

My Daughter's Finished Nails #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

My daughter’s nails turned out really cute. I was worried they would be hard to work with because they were so tiny but she didn’t have any problems. The tips of the nail pens are fine and allow for small detail. She had stripes, a smiley face, a heart and even polka dots. She was excited to go to school on Monday and show all of her friends. 

My Finished Nail Art #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comMy nails were fun. They were different but fun. It almost made me feel like a kid again. I had a tuxedo bowtie, clouds, polka dots, stripes, a peace sign, my name, a flower, a sun, an @ symbol and even a hashtag. My daughter loved them. That is really what mattered. She thought they were so cool. It was a fun time spent with her and I enjoyed every minute. 

My Daughter and I enjoying our time together. #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.com

It was a lot of fun spending time with my daughter. I’m sure we will have many more nail art dates. It was a lot of fun. We will definitely be keeping our eyes out for Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen sales – we need more! 

Speaking of sales… Walgreens has some great Sally Hansen sales going on right now that include the following: 

  • Magnetic and Crackle Polish  $5.99 (ends 5/25)
  • $3 off Coupon in Walgreens Coupon Book on Insta Gel Kits (ends 5/25)  
  • $5  Coupon on Salon Gel Kits (ends 5/25)
  • Complete Salon Manicure Polish on sale for 2/$10 (ends 5/25)
  • Xtreme, Salon Effects, Diamond and Insta Dri polishes $1 off sale (ends 5/25) 

When shopping at Walgreens, be sure to use your Balance Rewards card! By using the card, I saved about 20% on my purchase. Be sure to follow Sally Hansen and Walgreens on Twitter to keep up with the latest news, promotions and contests. You can also check out the iHeartNailArt app on Facebook.

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Have you ever used nail art pens?
What is the coolest nail design you have done?



  1. It looks like you girls had a lot of fun! I love how every nail is different, very street style!

  2. Oh my goodness Rita she is your mini me! What fun girl time!

  3. That looks like a perfect mother daughter party. I love Walgreens. I can never go in there for just one thing. The store is so well stocked with pretty much anything you want or need!

    • I love how they have products that no other stores do. It seems when I go there for something, I have to make a decision rather than have it made for me. It’s great!


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