Sally Hansen Splatter Party with My Man! #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

Splatter Nail Art with Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comOn Mother’s Day, my daughter and I spent some quality one on one time together doing nail art with some pretty cool Sally Hansen products. When my hubby saw them, he thought it looked fun. He had so many ideas on what we could do to my nails. He didn’t share them with me though. He just said to trust him. So I did. 

Black Base Coat #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comMy first instruction was to paint the base of my nail black. This was the only part of the process I did. The rest was all him and it got pretty crazy! 

Adding Social Media Icons #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comHis first step was to add some social media icons on some of my nails. He did this with the white Sally Hansen nail art pen. Believe it or not, we eventually ran out of white. We used a lot of it though!

Splatter Party Nail Art #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comYes, this is a pretty mess. He wanted to have a Splatter Party with our nail art. He got some somewhat skinny straws and dipped them into the nail polish. Wait, I’ll show you. 

Splattering Nail Polish #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comSo once he dipped the straws in nail polish, he would get close to my nail and then blow. It would then splatter onto my nail. There were some technical difficulties. A couple of times a blob came out and we had to start that nail all over. This was definitely a process. He would practice on the paper towel but then it would just happen. Such is life. Honestly, I didn’t mind. I was able to spend some quality time with him doing something girly. 

Splatter Nail Art #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comThis was the messy nails I ended up with after the splattering process. I thought they were kind of pretty. Messy but pretty. Obviously, I had a lot of cleaning up to do when we were done. 

Applying the Social Media Icons #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comSome of the social media icons were a little too detailed to freehand. So he printed them on a piece of paper. He placed them on my nail and traced them with a mechanical pencil. That would then create an outline on my nail which made it easier to trace. 

Lots of Splatters #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comThis was by far my favorite messy nail. It looked so neat. I love the 80’s and this definitely reminded me of the 80’s. The neon colors and the splats just went perfectly together. I knew I had to clean it so I got a picture of it. 

Splatter Nail Art Left Hand #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comThis is my left hand. You will see a faint Twitter bird on my thumb nail. The rest of the icons are Linkedin, Facebook, ".com" and Pinterest. You really can’t see Pinterest at all actually but it is there. I thought it was a fun idea based on who I am and how much I love social media. 

Splatter Nail Art Right Hand #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comThis is my right hand. That is another Pinterest icon on my pinky finger that you really can’t see again. We left the ring finger nail just kind of funky and plain. We thought it gave it that extra something. Then you have the Facebook icon along with my name, another Twitter bird and the Google+ icon on my thumb nail. At this point, my nails were a tad bit messy around the edges. The paint was plastered on there pretty well. Once I took a couple of showers they looked more cleaned up. 

Linkedin Nail Art Icon #IHeartMyNailArt www.momwitha.comThis was my favorite nail out of all ten. I love how the Linkedin icon is there. It’s messy, yet still legible. The splats all kind of fell in place. We might just try this again one day. It was pretty fun. 

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When shopping at Walgreens, be sure to use your Balance Rewards card! By using the card, I saved about 20% on my purchase. Be sure to follow Sally Hansen and Walgreens on Twitter to keep up with the latest news, promotions and contests. You can also check out the iHeartNailArt app on Facebook.

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What are some other funky nail designs we could try?



  1. This can be executed by listening to music orr watching Television which lifts our spirits and thereby pumps up our efforts which in flip provides a pleasing inpput into thee work.

  2. I love this funky look!


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