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Our family is big on sustainability. We are always trying to do things that will better our environment. We are the family that has two good sized recycling bins on the street twice a month. We don’t use paper towels, napkins or paper plates. We turn the water off while we are brushing and the lights off when we leave a room. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not perfect. I have the worst habit of leaving my cell phone charger plugged into the wall even when I’m not using it. We recently looked at our lighting situation and decided to do a GE Lighting project. We replaced all of our light bulbs with GE energy efficient light bulbs. As part of my partnership with GE, I received some coupons for my GE light bulbs! That didn’t influence me in any way, as I would have purchased GE anyway. 

While we were planning the transfer of our light bulbs, we started thinking of another way to use less. Quickly, it became clear. It gets warm in our office. The room is and addition to the house but it does have the central heating and air vents. Even then, it seems not to push out as much. So it gets warm during these months. I had a brilliant idea. We could install a ceiling fan! That’s a better idea than getting a window air conditioner like we had planned. 

We set out on a mission to get what we needed to install this ceiling fan. I was impressed by the selection of GE light bulbs Walmart had in stock. I think there was a light bulb for every single thing and in every single wattage. You are sure to find the right energy-efficient light bulbs for you We ended up going with a bulk box of six energy smart standard light bulbs that were on clearance. We grabbed two that would fulfill our coupons. It was time to go home for the execution. 

If you have ever installed a ceiling fan, I’m sure you are aware of the process. This was our first time. I didn’t know how much work was really involved. I simply thought we could take the light fixture off the ceiling, unplug it, plug in the fan and attach it. I was wrong. First, we had to assemble the ceiling fan. Then removed the light fixture. That was the easy part. After that, you had to put up the ceiling fan piece by piece (kind of like layers). 

This part was kind of a disaster. Once we got the ceiling fan completely together, we turned the fan on and it was so loud! Like loud enough, we wouldn’t be able to work. So he took it apart again to get it quiet. It seemed to be fixed and he put it all back together. Guess what? It’s louder now than it was before. He hasn’t been feeling well and plans on figuring that out in a few days when he is feeling better. He was sweet as it is to endure this project with me while he was sick. 

Let’s play a little game. Take a look at this picture. Do you see anything wrong with it? Think about things I talked about earlier in my post. I’ll give you a minute. Don’t cheat… keep looking at the picture. Figure it out yet? I’ll give you a minute. 

Did you figure it out yet? If you guessed the housing for the light bulb would not hold a standard sized bulb, you are right. It never dawned on me that a ceiling fan would take a special light bulb. We have five other ceiling fans in our house and they ALL take standard sized light bulbs. By the time, it was so late, we went without light for a night. 

The next morning, I ran to the local store to pick up some candelabra light bulbs. They only had one option and it was a GE Lighting product. However, they were 40w. We are fans of 100w because we like light. I thought maybe these would work because they were so crystal clear. 

They definitely worked for the time being. We will get some brighter ones next time we are at Walmart. I’m sure with that huge selection they must have something brighter. This ended up being quite the process. In the end, it was all worth it. This is just one more thing we are doing in our house to conserve and support sustainability. To learn more, feel free to watch the video below. 

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  1. I’ve put in a fan…it’s hard work! (And definitely not a one woman job I found out the hard way…) 🙂

  2. We installed a ceiling fan once. Never again! It’s too much of a headache. 🙂 I’d rather sweat.