Save Money for the Holidays with a Cheap Wireless Plan

cbiasdiscSave Money with Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves #shopIt’s not secret that I love technology. I love everything about it – except how expensive it can be sometimes. My current cell phone plan cost too much, in my opinion. For the indecisive service I receive, it’s not worth the price I pay. By indecisive, I mean sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I still pay, no matter what. It’s time for me to find a cheap wireless plan.

Right now, we have a family plan with Sprint. There are four lines for me, my fiance, our son and my mom. Our monthly bill (not including insurance) totals approximately $225. I did all the math to compare my current plan with Walmart Family Mobile. With four lines (three with the extra data), we would be paying $165. That is a $60 savings!!

Me and Dom going to Walmart #FamilyMobileSaves #shop

With the Holidays coming up, I really want to find ways to cut back on expenses – preferably monthly recurring bills. I’m thinking $60 can buy a pretty nice gift for one of my people. That’s me and my little guy up there. He could have a great gift with the money I would be saving. He helped me choose a device on the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Walmart Family Mobile Plans #FamilyMobileSaves #shopThere are some people (like my Mom) that prefer to use a standard mobile phone, not a smartphone. The $29.88 plan is perfect for those phones. It provides unlimited talk and text. If you are into technology, social media networking sites, internet, email and such, I would recommend going with the $39.88 plan. This plan provides unlimited talk, text and web.

Family Plan with Walmart #FamilyMobileSaves #shopI love this! You can add lines for $5 less than the primary line (up to five lines)! This combined with the no contract, is what has me sold on the plan. I have extended my helping hand out in the past, added a line for someone, and they didn’t fulfill their end of the contract. That left me stuck with a $200 cancellation fee. I don’t plan to do that again but, if I ever decided to, this would give me peace of mind.

Walmart Family Mobile Concord Kit #FamilyMobileSaves #shopOnce you decide which device you want, you simply purchase a starter kit for only $25! This gives you a Standard and Micro SIM card. This is all you need to get started. Although this doesn’t include the monthly service, it allows you to get your phone activated and to use the service. You are billed in the next month. Speaking of billing, you can conveniently pay your bill with their online account management! That’s is a huge plus for me.

So far, my plan is to slowly transfer our existing lines over to Walmart Family Mobile. As of now, two of our lines has an expired contract. I’m going to give Walmart Family Mobile a shot over the next couple of months and see how it goes. So far, the service is great. Honestly, better than the service we have now. In some areas, I have found that we get 4G! That’s not even something we have with Sprint in this area.

Be sure to check out the great savings, plans, features, devices and everything else Walmart Family Mobile has to offer – you’ll be glad that you did! #FamilyMobileSaves #shop


  1. Walmart has such a great (and cheap) wireless plan!

  2. We use MetroPCS and pay $90 for 2 lines unlimited. We have been talking about looking in to the Wal-mart plan!

  3. Dang that is a great chunk of savings! I could sure buy something extra special for Christmas with those savings by switching phone carriers!

  4. i totally need a better phone, lol

  5. I’m going to have to switch my plan when my contract is up to save $$$!

  6. It’s great to save for the holidays! Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client


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