Save Some Sweet Money with MasterCard Fuel Rewards #FuelFamilyFun #MC



When I think about Summertime, the first thing that comes to mind is family. The kids are out of school for the summer. We are always looking for things to do. Being that they are home for the summer for almost three months, we always try to save money where we can. Saving money allows us to do more with them. I have always been a fan of grocery rewards. I have a reward card for everywhere that I shop who offers one. Then I heard about Fuel Rewards with MasterCard. 

Whenever we go anywhere during the Summer, it usually involves driving. For example, in a couple of weeks, we will be taking the kids a few hours away to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. My plan is to shop at Save Mart between now and then using my Save Mart Rewards card and my MasterCard. I’ll also purchase fuel at a participating Shell station (even during our trip). With that extra money we save, we can use it for a couple of meals while we are gone. 

Save Mart FRN & MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun #MC

So I have a MasterCard. We have Shell fuel stations around here. Plus, I shop at Save Mart. If you put those three together, you have tons of savings. So many that it’s almost overwhelming. Here’s the scenario: You go to Save Mart to shop for things you already need to buy. When you checkout, you use your MasterCard. Then you visit a participating Shell fuel station and pay with your MasterCard and BOOM – you save money. It’s that simple. 

Sign Up for MasterCard Fuel Rewards #FuelFamilyFun #MC

Really, it is. You simply visit the Fuel Rewards Network website and sign up. The website does not even ask for very much information from you. After you sign up, you link your MasterCard and your store rewards cards. That is how easy it is to be on the road to saving some sweet money on fuel. Yes, I said sweet. I visited Save Mart to shop for some delicious dessert items just to test out this whole MasterCard Fuel Rewards program. 

Triple Berry Shortcake #FuelFamilyFun #MC

These are the amazingly sweet items I purchased during my shopping trip to Save Mart. I grabbed some Mini Angel Food Cakes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Whipped Cream. Rather than making the standard Strawberry Shortcake I always make, I decided to try out a Triple Berry Shortcake. 

Triple Berry Shortcake #FuelFamilyFun #MC

Shortcake is the easiest thing on Earth to make. I’m sure you already know how or maybe you do it different. If so, I’d love to hear about it. I like to try new things. I cut up the strawberries (left the others whole), mixed some sugar in them and placed them in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then put whipped cream on top of the angel food cakes and poured the berry mixture over it. After that, I ate it. 

MasterCard Fuel Rewards Dashboard #FuelFamilyFun #MC

When I was done savoring this delicious dessert (… and yes, I will be making it again), I wanted to see how my MasterCard Fuel Rewards were going. So I logged on to the website again to visit my dashboard. I was excited to see my purchases collecting rewards; however, I wish I would have spent just six more dollars! Then I could have actually seen some fuel rewards. I’m already planning a shopping trip to exceed that savings reward! Be sure to follow Fuel Rewards on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on the latest news and promotions. 

What will you do with the savings?


  1. These rewards are great for saving and helping to get other things you want! =)

  2. And just like that, I want dessert 😉

    Thanks for sharing and happy saving!

  3. That looks tasty! My daughter has been in a berry mood but I’m in a i-have-little-time mood so this is great.


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