Shoes & Bling

Well there you go. Yesterday was the day. The day that I didn’t write a blog. I was actually busy! Can you believe it? My future sister-in-law, Stephanie, Dominic and I ran to Chico. Good thing we did – Big Daddy ended up being stranded at the Butte College campus with a dead battery and nobody was around. Rita to the rescue!

After that, we went to the mall and I got a new pair of shoes – The Sketchers Shape-Ups. They are pretty cool shoes. They were quite expensive so I’m wearing them around the house to make sure they are keepers. They promote weight loss, help circulation, strengthen your back, help your posture, reduce cellulite in your thighs and strengthen your calves and abs. I wonder if they work… Then we ate lunch at Hula’s and back home we came. 

Big Daddy said he was going to check something out for school… that he was NOT doing. He bought me these cute Airwalk slippers that I wanted from Payless Shoe Source

When he handed them to me he told me to make sure that he got the right ones. Upon opening the box, I came upon a nicely wrapped gift in one of the shoes. After opening it, I discovered beauty – some bling…

White Gold & diamonds… It was actually the necklace we were planning on getting for me to wear when we get married. I love it. He loves me. He surprised me with it. I was not expecting it at all. I will admit, I had a feeling he was going to get me the slippers 🙂 Anyway, I’ve had a long day without Big Daddy… he had school for basically 12 hours today. On top of it all, I think I’m getting sick – maybe something in my sinuses and throat. Not good. Plus, I think I have to run to the store tonight… have a good night. Lovely Rita