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We haven’t always lived in a house. The first 13 years of my adult life was spent in an apartment. So, when it comes to a house, I tend to forget about all the little things that need maintained. Our life gets so busy that we just don’t even think about some of the things that need done – important or not. In this day and age, I always look to technology to help me maintain being organized.


HomeZada is an amazing tool to have! Keeping track of maintenance around your home is just one of the features. You can also keep inventory of items you have in your home, along with pictures, receipts, manuals and warranty information. You can store your property documents such as insurance and mortgage paperwork. You can keep a list of property contacts handy in case you need anything or there is an emergency. There’s also a mobile app and you can give as many family members access as you want. Oh and ALL that is for FREE!

HomeZada To Do List

There is a low cost premium option where you get all the above plus more! Yes, there is more. You can also keep an automated home maintenance schedule, property calendar and to-do lists. It also has alerts, reminders and calendar integration. If you’re looking to do home improvements, there are project templates where you can manage budgets and costs. HomeZada will help you compare shopping costs, both online and offline. You can also add photo documentation of your progress. You can also keep track of your home finances! You can do all of this for three properties.

All year round, our life is extremely busy. You would be surprised at some of the things we forget to do. Basically, that is everything. We forget to plant flowers and then weeds grow. We forget to water our lawn then it turns brown. We forget to spray for ants right before Summer then we are very sorry when we see the first one creeping. There are so many things I would love reminders for. Not just any reminder as my phone would just shout an alarm and then nothing else. HomeZada solves this. It’s one place where I can go and see the big picture all while still being reminded about the little things.

Honey Do List

My fiance is going to be thrilled that I will now have something “behind the scenes” reminding me of everything I need to put on his to-do list. I’ll start small so he doesn’t get overwhelmed too quickly. There are so many things around this place that needs done, I’m excited to keep it all organized and live with a little less stress knowing our home is being maintained and improved.

What needs done around your home?
Would HomeZada benefit you?

Be sure and enter for your chance to win $100 in Amazon and a year subscription of HomeZada premium! The best part? There are going to be TWO winners! This giveaway ends on June 5, 2014 and is open to US residents only. Good Luck!
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  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    after checking out the Home Zada– the Home Finances has some really good ideas and ways to save, do it yourself, and breakdown on the budgeting for what ever needs to be accomplished — That is my hardest part–to do. Where to find the money, who to get, and how to do it. I’m all thumbs when it comes to this

  2. Diane Cooper says:

    What appeals to me the most is that nothing would fall through the cracks. We all know, in a general sense, what home maintainence needs to be done, but with this, you can’t go wrong.

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