Somebody catch me…

*Please Note: I started this post Sunday, almost finished it Monday; however, due to a headache, was unable to post until today – my apologies.* So there you have it. I feel like I’m falling from the Move It & Lose It train and I’m looking for somebody to catch me but nobody has noticed I’m even gone. I have only myself to blame. The problem is that I’m convinced it’s not too late to be pulled back on. Am I kidding myself? Is it possible or am I just trippin? I feel like I’ve lost my support. My "in real life" support… even my online support is slowly diminishing. People are forgetting about me. To no fault other than my own. I just feel hopeless.

Not only have I gained weight this week, I’ve been a lot more lazier than previous weeks. I haven’t been feeling well and I thought maybe my body was weak because something is wrong but maybe it’s just because I’ve been too lazy lately? Who knows. What I do know: Regardless if I stand a chance in the Move It & Lose It Challenge, I need to get my ass moving!

During my week, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never watched it before so I started from Season 1. I’m not an addict. At first, it was a bad thing. I watched many episodes from my couch. Then, I was thinking I can’t let that happen. So I got up and started "walking at home." Not sure how much effect it had but it did make me feel a whole lot better. Are there any other Grey’s Anatomy addicts out there? (I’m only on Season 2 – no spoilers!) So here is my weight for the week. So sad. I’m highly embarrassed and disappointed  in myself. Somebody say something – do something – anything. At this point, nothing could hurt.

LAST WEEK’s Weigh-In

THIS WEEK’s Weigh-In


Unfortunately, I missed Mamavation TV this week. That was the first time I’ve missed since I’ve been a part of Mamavation. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything too great. Congratulations to Julie (@jamnsfld76) for being Sista of the Week! You go girl!


  1. I’ve missed you RitaAnn!! We are on the slow part of the Move It train but we’re still ON!!! I hope you kick this funk right away. Praying for good health and strength. Chat with you on Monday on Mamavation TV, right?!?

  2. Don’t despair, this happens to many of us at some point. The best thing to do is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start moving again. Deciding to walk while you watch Grey’s is great (sorry, not a viewer…)! It’s easy to get into the wo is me trap where you think that because of this, that or the other you have it harder than everyone else and thus, are unable to lose the weight. I gained nearly 3# this past week. It’s because I’ve been eating bad and not moving, but it’s also been mental. I could be eating awesome and moving a ton and if my head is not in the right place, I’d probably still gain weight. So, tell yourself that you can and do it! {HUGS!} I *know* you can!

  3. Girl, I have NOT forgotten about you. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen you on Twitter. Is there anything I can do to help motivate you? I understand the disappointment, but you don’t have to be embarrassed! We all have our moments (days or even weeks). I’m catching you, girl. You can do it put your back into it! Ice Cube baby!

  4. I hope you are feeling better. Has your diet changed drastically, do you need a multi-vitamin, getting enough rest? If something is going on then try to pinpoint and make it better. You have been missed. It is not too late to get your ass in gear and improve yourself. Crush it girl, crush it!

  5. HUGS I don’t think you are alone… you ARE missed… and you HAVE the support. We just need to know that you are struggling. I can’t help you if I don’t know that you need the help, support, motivation. HUGS

    Hop back on that train/wagon… you can do it! 🙂