Spin Into Action with Champions for Kids & Spinbrush #Spinbrush4Kids


Spinbrush for KidsCommunity is something I feel passionately about. Once upon a time, I was employed with my County as a Community Ambassador through AmeriCorps. Within this role, I organized community events, worked with foster youth and helped displaced families with reunification (that’s the jist of it anyway). One of my favorite roles was to provide and bring resources together for those in need. This is why I’m so excited about Champions for Kids – it brings out my passion. 

Champions for Kids has teamed up with Spinbrush and created the "Spin Into Action" campaign. There are so many different organizations that you can help within this project. Hospitals, shelters and foster care facilities are some of the places where kids show up with sometimes nothing. They are scared, lost and will want comfort. Comfort can just be having something that you can call your own. Imagine donating that one stuffed animal that a child clings to through rough times. It will comfort them now and maybe be the only thing they remember, years down the road. 

accepting donations

At first, I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going to donate to. I started telling my friends and family that I was going to find a local organization that helped children. My son’s girlfriend brought over some baby formula, a toddler cup, toothbrushes and toothpaste. A few other people donated items such as flip flops, diapers, wipes, Q-tips, a diaper bag, flash cards, magazines, toys – all of these were brand new! Imagine how a child is going to feel getting something brand new that is all theirs when they are going challenging situations.  

Tooth Tunes at Walmart

When I was presented with this project, I went shopping at Walmart and bought a One Direction Tooth Tunes toothbrush (I even found toothpaste to match). This tooth brush will definitely get kids more involved and excited about brushing their teeth. Their favorite tune will play for two minutes – who knows, they might want to brush more than one round. There are many different tunes for kids to choose from including One Direction, Big Time Rush, Black Eyed Peas and many more. Now that my kids participated and gave to others, I think we’ll go shopping for one of their own soon. 

Donating to the Torres Shelter

Only a couple of days before I was going to drop off our donations, I found out about a local homeless shelter, the Torres Shelter. This shelter provides daily dinners, showers, laundry service and a place for homeless families to sleep. The volunteers work with the families to make reach the ultimate goal of them getting their own place. After speaking with staff, I found out there are currently 12 children there aging from one to 15. This really pulled at my heart strings. I plan to continue collecting donations and helping them out on a continuous basis. 

Right now, if you participate in the Spin Into Action campaign with Champions for Kids, you can double your impact by reporting your project on their website during the month of July 2013. You simply let them know how many people were involved and how many items you collected then Spinbrush will make a matching donation of up to 1,000 Tooth Tunes musical toothbrushes (total) through Champions for Kids to help children in need. 

Be sure to follow Spinbrush on Twitter and like Arm & Hammer on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. Visit the Spin Into Action Campaign page to see how you can help your community! If you are interested in purchasing your own Spinbrush or Tooth Tunes, be sure to visit the Spinbrush website for a $2 savings coupon (this coupon can be printed twice in one year). 


  1. I’m glad you were able to find the shelter, thanks to work of mouth from your friends!


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