Cajun Moon Clothing Co.

So I’ve always wanted to go to New York. Pretty random, I know. Because of that fact, I have always had this obsession with wanting an I ♥ NY something (anything really). When I hooked up a review and giveaway with Cajun Moon Clothing Co., she wanted me to send in a t-shirt of my choice or use one of her designs to create me a pillow. Guess what? She had an I ♥ NY shirt. I was all over this.

Cajun Moon Clothing Co. basically takes tshirts, etc and makes cute, unique skirts and pillows. I don’t know about you but I’ve had shirts that get too small (I wish I could say big) and I love them. This is a great way to keep that baby around. They also have a great selection of shirts themselves. I did notice, once I ordered mine that design was no longer available – so it’s truly unique! (for that reason, I’m unable to give you an example picture… my camera is currently out of commission); however, here is a white version (I received the black). They are the perfect size to lounge around with.

You can win one of Cajun Moon Clothing Co.‘s handmade pillows during my
Coupon Cabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz giveaway!


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