Spring Cleaning with Bigelow Tea #AmericasTea #Cbias

Yes, it’s that Spring time again. For me Spring says three things – beautiful weather, Bigelow Tea and cleaning. For the record, I like the first two better. Spring cleaning happens very slowly for me. With three kids and everything else, sometimes I don’t actual get through all of what I have planned. I knew one thing is for certain. I need an adequate working space to better organize my life. The couch and a plastic bin just is not working anymore. This is something I was destined to do and only in a couple of days. 

Before this project, we had one desk. This desk was designated to my hubby because he has a desktop computer and is in school. I have a laptop and am not in school. It just made sense. So I would hop from the couch to the kitchen table, depending on my mood and what was comfortable at the time. We have talked about getting a second desk but didn’t really have the time, money or the space. Finally, it just had to be done.

 We have an entire room in our house that went from being my older son’s room to a playroom and then a playroom/workout room. We are now transforming the room into an office/workout room/kind of playroom. I almost forgot to take before pictures. This here is the wall where our office is going to be. There once was toy bins between the crazy bookshelf and the tv stand. The room was mainly for entertaining the kids. This wall will now be our office. You can also see one of our two new desks still in the box… how exciting! 

Now, if you know me at all, you will know I’m kind of lazy. So you might be asking, "how in the world is she going to get this done in just a couple of days?" Simple. I will drink a lot of caffeinated Bigelow Tea. Really, that’s the only solution. While shopping for all of my office necessities, I grabbed an assortment of Bigelow Tea. That is one of my favorite things about Bigelow Tea – they have an amazing variety. I like to switch things up a bit and with their variety boxes, it allows me to do so. Not to mention, Bigelow Tea is offered at an amazing price! I only paid $2.18 for 20 tea bags. That is crazy cheap – so I bought more than one box. 

At this point, we have started our project. I worked on getting the kids’ room cleaned out while my hubby assembled the desk. I had to get their room cleared out a bit to move some toys from the playroom in there. Otherwise, there would be no room for these big fancy desks. You will notice that I have moved all of my stuff from my plastic bin by the couch to the desk and that is about as far as I got. While at Walmart, I bought some plastic drawers because (even though this desk is next to perfect for me), it didn’t have any drawers. I picked up a filing rack, some baskets and post-its too. 

Out of all that mess, I’m most excited about the drawers and the Bigelow Tea. I’m very fond of drinking tea throughout the year. Of course, I’m most addicted to caffeinated tea; however, I’m always sure to have some decaf tea on hand for those nights when I just need some relaxation or maybe a day where I really don’t have anything to do. Yeah… those don’t exist – scratch that. I grabbed two variety packs of Bigelow Tea (one decaf and one regular) and I already had the Pumpkin Spice to add to my collection. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m so excited about this. I want to work, work, work now. I’m still working on the ergonomics of it a bit. Other than that, I love the organization. You think this is a lot of room?

Here is the bigger picture. Look at all that space down below! I do not even have enough things to fill it up! Most everything on the desk was shoved, falling out and around that bottom clear bin that you see (before the desk). Over to the right you will see the bigger set of three drawers I bought for little papers and odds ‘n ends. Don’t you love my cute little matching waste basket? I picked that up for less than $3 in the kid decor section of Walmart – amazing! You will also notice that my hubby has the exact same desk and they are side by side. We’ll be spending a lot of time together now.

Even though you might not care, some people might be curious as to what lurks on my desk. I decided to break it down for you because that is what I do. 

  1. To the left, you will find a shared wireless printer that is conveniently placed between us, On the top shelf is my wrist braces for when they hurt from typing too much, my iPod, some candy hidden from the kids in the steel container and some Post-it ‘greener notes’ (they are made from recycled paper and the adhesive is plant-based). In the middle those are cute baskets (from the kid decor section) I picked up for less than $2 each. I was able to adjust the shelves so they fit perfectly. On the bottom is just a picture box (with candy in it) and my cute Oz the Great and Powerful makeshift pen holder. Oh… and my cell phone stand.
  2. That box has random ‘extra’ supplies in it. My Kleenex is a must with these allergies. I love the filing stand I got. I was bummed that I couldn’t find my decorated filing folders so I settled for the manilla ones instead. Before my desk, I was a bit unorganized. I love the fact that I can put Post-it’s up to remind me of every little thing. My amazing selection of Bigelow Tea is waiting to have a home too. Up top you’ll see a remote. That’s to a Roku 2. Those things are pretty awesome! We are always listening to Pandora or watching Netflix now that we are in here more. (We bought it for this purpose). 
  3. To the right, I have my cute high heel tape dispenser (so excited I finally have a home for it). I have business cards up there but I’m pretty sure nobody will be ‘visiting’ my office for business – they just make me feel important up there. In the compartments, I have thumbtacks in the green tin and a Victoria’s Secret gift card hiding behind it. Then I have my favorite lotion (cocoa butter) and hand sanitizer. In the last one are my son’s glasses and my cleaning cloth. Then is my three drawers with tea in the top, Post-its in the middle and random stuff on the bottom. You will notice I have a bagillion planners and notepads. I’ll finally get to keep track of them. 

One of my favorite parts of my office Spring cleaning makeover is a drawer that I have JUST for my Bigelow Tea! How cool is that?! Are you curious as to all the flavors that are stashed in here? Okay, I’ll tell you. There is Plantation Mint, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Mint Medley, I Love Lemons, Cozy Chamomile, Sweet Dreams, English Teatime, Constant Comment, Lemon Lift, Pomegranate Pizzazz and Pumpkin Spice. So now all I need to do is grab a cup of hot water and head to my desk. 

Once we were done with our office in the room, it was time to sit and relax. We still have a few other things to find homes for but for this was like 12+ hours and we were exhausted. Did I mention, we made a trip to Walmart at midnight the night before to grab the desks? Yes, we did. I wasn’t in my right mind and didn’t think of anything else to buy so I had to go back. This is how I relaxed – with a hot cup of Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea. You would think I would go for the decaf… I still got sleep. I was beat. 

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What is your favorite tea flavor?
Do you have a dreaded Spring cleaning task? 

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  1. Such a fun peek at your world! It’s so much fun to see where people work. Cool that you have your own workspace now and I think your setup is awesome.

    • Thanks! It’s really going to be a positive adjustment. I get more work done now. It’s great for my organization problem. All my stuff was in a tub before. Now it all has a home.

  2. I love Chai tea, pumpkin spice, plain ol’ black, cranberry – you name it and I’ll drink it! Though I typically choose decaf, I gave up caffeine in 2008 when I got pregnant with my son!

    I’m working on my spring cleaning – and am so looking forward to washing my windows! I love to look out a freshly washed window. I can’t wait for the wind to die down and the temps to warm up so I can wash them. Does that make me crazy?

  3. You did a fabulous job at re-arranging everything—it looks sooo neat and unlike my desk which is covered with papers, and well, stuff! Organizing/cleaning it is on my to-do list 😉 And btw, Bigelow tea rocks. I’m a huge chai tea fan and theirs is the best!
    Do you think I can put off spring cleaning until the summer?!

    • Thanks! It has been long overdue. I haven’t had my own work space for about two years now. Honestly, I probably won’t get anything else done until summer so go for it!


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