Violent Lips: Express Yourself… Through Your Lips

Okay… so you might be wondering what your lips might have to do with fashion – read on. Violent Lips is a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos that stay put for up to eight hours. They are FDA approved, vegan lip tattoos, made in America and NOT tested on animals (instead they’re tested on supermodels). Violent Lips’ products are 100% Latex and Gluten Free!

Violent Lips temporary lip appliqués are vitamin enhanced with a smooth feel and glossy finish, the appliqués are easy to apply to lips of all sizes. Each pack comes with three applications.The appliqué is applied and sealed using water (much like a temporary tattoo). They remove easily with mineral or baby oil and a textured wipe.

The Cinnamon Glitteratti and The Red Cheetah 

Even though I have tried these out, I haven’t gone anywhere special to wear them yet. I received two sets – the Cinnamon Glitterati and The Red Cheetah. They were wild. My daughter got me so excited to try them, we totally forgot to take a picture. We still have a few more sets left so I will post a picture the next time we put them on. Also, I thought they looked better in person.

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