Steps with Balance® Rewards from Walgreens | Earn Points for Being Active!

 At the beginning of every year I always vow to live a healthier lifestyle. By this time of year, I always tend to be back to my old ways. This year, I am being proactive and doing more to help myself reach my goals. When I heard about the Steps with Balance Rewards from Walgreens, I couldn’t wait to check it out. One thing I’m definitely lacking is exercise. The more ‘tools’ I have in my corner, the better. 

It’s quite simple. Once you sign up for Steps with Balance® Rewards from Walgreens, you can set up your account to start earning Balance® Rewards points. Yeah, those points you earn when you shop at Walgreens – you can now earn those for being active! It sounds like a win/win to me. Even if you already have an existing Balance® Rewards account, it’s super easy to sync the two. I never visited the actual website. I did it all from my mobile Walgreens app. 

At first, I thought I might have to download a whole new app. Nope. The Steps with Balance® Rewards option was right there on the second screen of my Walgreens app that I already have installed on my phone. Once I clicked on it, I was prompted to enter in a user name and my gender. From there, I was in. The app let me know that, as a Balance® Rewards member, I could get points for logging activities that align with my goals. Yes, please! I love Balance® Rewards points! 

Once I got though all the welcoming, it was time to think about my goals and set up an account. Years ago, I set a goal to walk 10,000 steps per day and I was successful. Back then, I was more active. I knew this is where I wanted to be again. So I set my walking goal for 10,000 steps a day. I’m hoping before July, I can increase that number. I didn’t set a running goal at this time because I might die. Okay, not literally but I’m being realistic. I’ll work up to that. I would like to run a marathon before the year is over. Also, I would like to be active at least four days out of the week. I don’t think that is unrealistic. 

My weight is something I definitely struggle with. After my third and last child, I never really lost the baby weight. He’s now three years old and I’m sick and tired of lugging all this fat around. I have a good 59 pounds to lose. Currently, I’m participating in a weight loss program (post to come) and this app is going to really go hand in hand with my lifestyle goals. I’m hoping to lose this extra weight before the end of September (which is the month I turn 33). I want to start 2014, being the healthiest me that I can be! 

Once you are all set with your goals, make sure you track your daily activity that way you can enter it into the app. One thing I realized is that you can’t enter activity from a previous date (unless I’m missing something). Even though I started tracking on Saturday, I went to enter the weekend today and I was not able to. So I improvised by entering all weekend as today. You can enter in the date, how many steps or the distance you went, how long it took, the intensity and how pleased you were with your activity. 

To support my journey, I decided to take a quick shopping trip to Walgreens to find a pedometer. This would be perfect to track my steps that way I can accurately enter them into the Steps with Balance® Rewards program via the Walgreens app. I’m all about racking up the Balance® Rewards points. 

After reviewing the selection, I decided to get this Omron GO Smart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer. This is the "Pedometer with a Brain." It has 3D Smart Sensor Technology. Of course, there were others but I always go for the best available. This was it. I was a little lost. If you decide to visit Walgreens for a Pedometer, be sure to check by the blood pressure and glucose monitors. It makes sense now but I just didn’t think about it while shopping. 

Over the years, I have gone through plenty of pedometers. I’m not an expert but I have experience. This pedometer is pretty cool. So far, it has been accurate (more than I can say for the ones in my past). I also love that there is a strap where I can put the pedometer in my pocket and clip it to my pants as well. I won’t lose it this way. It also came with a clip that you can attach to the pedometer and clip it instead. It was really easy to set up and get going. Normally, the instructions are complicated and I procrastinate using it because it’s too much to set up. Not this one – I love it. 

Steps with Balance® Rewards has motivated me to get off the couch, get this pedometer and get those numbers up there. I will say that I’m kind of disappointed in myself for how active I thought I was. Honestly, I thought I at the least got in 5,000 steps a day. With my new pedometer, I realize that I don’t even get that far. That’s slightly embarrassing. I’m always up for a challenge and being able to earn Balance Rewards makes this program that much more exciting. It’s another tool that will hold me accountable. For me, accountability is important. 

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