Stocking Up & Having Fun with Scott Shared Values #ScottValues #cbias #shop

 Scott Shared Values #ScottValues #cbias #shopSummertime is here. That means we all want to go and have fun with our families. Many times fun can cost money. All year long (especially in the Summer), I look for ways to save money and get value out of my purchases. One thing our family goes through like crazy is toilet paper. It seems like once we open a new package, it’s gone. Paper towels are a little easier to keep around – we only go through about a roll a week. When I saw the great deal that Scott brand was offering via their Scott Shared Values program, I had to take advantage of it. 

Scott Bath Tissue #ScottValues #cbias #shop

Wal-Mart always has great value on things for the house and that is where we headed for a little shopping trip. Scott Shared Values is offering a $4 Vudu movie credit with the purchase of Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue (24-pack, double roll) or Scott Paper Towels (6-pack, mega roll). How awesome is that?! I can buy things we need plus score some movie credits along with it. 

Walmart's Scott Shared Values Vudu Redemption Page #ScottValues #cbias #shop

Once you get that code, it’s smooth sailing from there. All you have to do is visit the website that is on the coupon then click "Get Your Movie Now." It may try to open up in a pop up window. I have a blocker, so I just click it again and it will open up the Vudu website in a new tab. 

Vudu Movie Credit Redemption Screen #ScottValues #cbias #shopI’m always signed into my Vudu account. If you don’t have an account, you would need to create one at this point. It’s really easy. After that, you enter your code in, hit submit and your account is credited $4. I love taking advantage of these offers. Right now I have $12 in credit. I have another $4 code somewhere around here, I just need to find it. I’ll be completely honest with you, everyone was gone and I rented This is 40. It’s such a funny movie. Plus, I had some extra credits. I still have $12 after that. I saved plenty for everyone else. 

Are you a Scott Shared Values member? If not, you should be. There are different offers you can take advantage of. Right now there are a few various deals you can get including:

  • a free roll of Scott Extra Soft toilet paper
  • an exclusive Weber Grill set for only $49
  • one month of Hulu Plus for free (you’ll love that)
  • you can save $7 on the purchase of the new Oz the Great and Powerful movie (amazing movie)
  • free high-quality metal or rolled canvas print from Clickphotos.com ($69 value)

New deals are always being offered. Plus there are a couple more from Schwan’s and Scotts Racing. You’ll have to visit Scott’s Shared Values website and see everything they have to offer. Be sure to like their Facebook page to stay up on the latest news and promotions.



  1. I love the Scott Values plan. I used the vudu credit the other day!

    • The Vudu credit is great! Apparently I have been saving up. If we spend it right, $16 should be enough for three movies. Now we just need to decide what to watch.

  2. I love this offer. My mother only uses Scott and since I help buy her groceries I will take any savings I can!!

  3. Wow! A grill set for $49? I may have to check this out! Plus everyone needs TP right??? =)

  4. Well, toilet paper is a necessity and I love how there’s bonuses with it!

  5. I knew about the Vudu offer, but I didn’t know about Scott Shared Values…think I’ll join!