My Secret Meeting with Guy Kawasaki at Google HQ

  Now that you know all about the new Motorola phone, Moto X, let me tell you about my experience at my secret meeting with Motorola. This private event was hosted by Guy Kawasaki himself at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. I was so excited to attend because I love … [Read more...]

Pictures of the Android Lawn Statues at Google HQ

It's really no secret. If you are an Android fan like me, you know all about the different versions of Android. You know what I'm talking about - all those cute dessert names. I'm sure you know about the Android lawn statues that are at Google Headquarters too. I have always wanted to see them in … [Read more...]

outmywindow™ | Sharing photos with family & friends – not the world!

 I love taking photos of my family. More importantly, I love sharing those photos with my friends and family. Sometimes it's hard to share those photos on some social networking sites. Basically, on most social networking sites, you are friends with many people - co-workers, friends, family, … [Read more...]

outmywindow™ | Sharing photos with family & friends – not the world!

 Mostly everyone takes pictures to capture their memories in hopes of sharing photos. I know I take a ton of photos... so many, I really don't know what to do with them (but that is a whole another blog post). There are some pictures that I take and would love to share with family and friends; … [Read more...]

The Clean Towel: Win $300+ Prize Pack w/ Android Tablet Giveaway [closed]

Welcome to The Clean Towel Giveaway hosted by Mom with a dot com & MamaNYC! This isn't your ordinary giveaway but it's just as sweet. We got together with some great blogs to give our readers the chance to win an awesome prize pack! The Clean Towel is an innovative, sustainable and … [Read more...]