Talking Dogs? What If Dogs Could Talk? In This Video They Can!

Are you a dog person? We have a female boxer (Carly). Sometimes, I wish I knew what was on her mind. What if dogs could talk? Do you wonder what they would really say? In this funny new video, dogs can talk and we finally know what they want! Dogswell is launching their Jerky Bars. They now … [Read more...]

Cuddle Covers Review

 Cuddle Covers could just be your child's new best friend. They are made with hypo-allergenic and ultra-soft polyester. They have a texture that is similar to velvet. The covers are durable enough to withstand putting them through the washer and dryer.  Cuddle Covers are available in … [Read more...]

“Horsing around” is more than just fun and games – there’s work involved!

 People who are not experienced with horses, might think owning or caring for a horse is simple. Even though I didn't have a horse growing up (and still don't), I know plenty of people who did (and still do). When you see these beautiful animals frolicking about, it almost seems as if their … [Read more...]