Take Care of Your Child’s Hearing | Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

Image Credit: disney.wikia.com by Olivier Baghdadi I love my ears. Well, not necessarily how far they stick out but more the less that I can hear out of them. Hearing is a beautiful thing. I love hearing my kid's little voices, music and everything else. I want to be sure I do everything I can to … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe: Coin Cell Safety with Rayovac

  When it comes to my children, I'm a mother who thinks of everything that could go wrong. Batteries are something that I have always feared they could choke on. For the longest time, I only worried about AAA batteries and maybe AA. At that point, I didn't think anything of Lithium coin cell … [Read more...]

Spring Forward | Smart Safety Checks during Daylight Savings

It's that time of year again - time to Spring Forward by setting your clocks ahead one hour. One thing I like about springing our clocks forward is we will get one extra hour of daylight. This will allow us to take the kids out after dinner with permitting weather. It's also a great time to do some … [Read more...]