2013 KIA Sorento Review: From a Mom’s Perspective

From the moment this 2013 KIA Sorento pulled up into my driveway, it was love at first sight. It was big, spacious and perfect for our family. You would think with a family of five we would have something more roomy than a small two door, compact car - we don't. So I knew having the opportunity to … [Read more...]

My Car has been Found!

So I'm slacking a bit. I've been busy. My car was found within 24 hours of it being stolen. It was taken sometime between two and five a.m. on July 15th. I received a call from the Sheriff's department in the next county over (20 miles) saying they found my car! We were already in … [Read more...]

My Car has been Stolen!

Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I feel a sadness - a loss. Not like when someone dies. This is nowhere near that category. I've lost some really amazing people in my life (including my Daddy) and a car is just a car but my car has been stolen! I feel violated. It was an older car, a … [Read more...]