Torani Inspires You to Taste Life S’more (Recipe Included)

I had my first love affair with Torani Syrups back in 1996 when lattes were becoming popular. There was a coffee shop in Sacramento called Java City that used only Torani Syrups. A wise lady in front of me ordered an Iced Raspberry Latte, the barista carefully layered the drink. The bright red syrup … [Read more...]

On the Go Breakfast Options to Satisfy Everyone #BreakfastSavings #CBias

When you have kids (especially more than one), some days can get kind of crazy with all the varying schedules. As a parent, it can also make for a busy day. A good, healthy on the go breakfast is a smart thing to have in your cupboard for those mornings when you just don't have the time to cook … [Read more...]

Keurig Brewer & a Cotton Candy Maker from Best Buy: Great Gifts at Affordable Prices

  Do you have a gift buying holiday coming up - a birthday, Valentine's Day or just for yourself just because you are awesome?! I'll be honest, I'm going to use this post to give a BIG hint to some special people in my life on what I really want. You know, just in case they are looking to buy … [Read more...]

Vanilla Hazelnut Milkshakes with Nestle Coffee-mate Creamer #UltimateCup #CBias

Coffee is my best friend. Not just any coffee but the kind with amazing flavor. I love visiting coffee shops for a good coffee, latte, cappuccino or just about anything that contains caffeine. One of my favorite drinks is frozen or blended coffee, mostly referred to as the frappuccino. Generally, I … [Read more...]

Win a Limited Edition FRIENDS Prize Pack! Hurry Ends 11/30 {US}

 If you know me at all, you know I'm a die-hard Friends fan! I love every single episode. I have seen each one probably a dozen times. I have borrowed the seasons, watched the marathons, rented the DVD's on Netflix... you name it. It would have been easier if I would have just invested in the … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping with Shari’s Berries with Review

 Shari’s Berries is a great online retailer known for a great variety of gifts you can have delivered right to someone's doorstep. You can find just about any type of gift for just about any occasion and for everyone you can think of.  They have amazing gift baskets. You can … [Read more...]

My Dr. Phil Dilemma

Nothing. That is about what if feels like that I have done today. The dishes did get done and I have been trying to find all these blogging tips and tricks. Just give me time – I will get there. If any of you have suggestions, please feel free to comment or click on the “contact … [Read more...]