Girls’ Night with a Kleenex Craft & Vudu.com #SharetheSoft #CBias

 When you are a busy parent, sometimes you don't always get to spend a good amount of one on one time with each kid (especially if you have more than one). I have three children with a variety of different interests. That's partially because of their ages. They are pretty spread out in years; … [Read more...]

Howling Halloween Hop | win a $125 prize package {Closed}

 Welcome to the Howling Halloween Hop hosted by Mom With a Dot Com. Halloween is such a fun time of year - it also happens to be my daughter's birthday. She will be nine this year! In celebration of the day, a group of amazing bloggers have joined me to give you some chances at winning some … [Read more...]

Fun Crafts using PVC Pipes!

Say goodbye to the old makeshift forts and other grand imaginative ideas. If you are looking for some fun crafts to do with your kids, have you ever thought of using PVC Pipe? I know I haven't! Think of all the wonderful things you could create to keep them busy... the list is endless really. Here … [Read more...]

Creativity for Kids | Craft Kits Review & Giveaway #CreativityforKids {ends 9/7} US Only

 Creativity for Kids by Faber-Castell creates amazing craft kits that can keep your children busy for hours. If you are a mom (or anyone that knows kids), you know they get bored easy and fast! What better way to keep them busy than to keep their minds flowing with creativity! Their kits … [Read more...]