I’m Vlogging My Shaklee 180 Progress (yes, that means a video)

Now that I have shared with you my journey during the first month of my new Shaklee 180 Lifestyle, it's time that I talk about it a bit with you. This is the first vlog I have done in a while and I just want to get it posted before I change my mind. Vlogging is something I have wanted to start for a … [Read more...]

Steps with Balance® Rewards from Walgreens | Earn Points for Being Active!

 At the beginning of every year I always vow to live a healthier lifestyle. By this time of year, I always tend to be back to my old ways. This year, I am being proactive and doing more to help myself reach my goals. When I heard about the Steps with Balance Rewards from Walgreens, I couldn't … [Read more...]

Life… Supplemented. | A New App Promoting a Healthier Life

"Life…supplemented" is a consumer wellness campaign. The campaign is built to assist people in living a healthier life by giving them suggestions on how to be active. Life Supplemented also provides educational information on healthy diet, exercise and supplements. Their big focus … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget Me… just forgive me.

First off, I'd like to apologize for my HUGE absence within my blog and on Twitter - forgive me. We've been having DSL issues along with some health issues that I hope get figured out soon. As far as DSL goes, I think it's as good as it's going to get for now. As far as the health issues go, I … [Read more...]

Somebody catch me…

*Please Note: I started this post Sunday, almost finished it Monday; however, due to a headache, was unable to post until today - my apologies.* So there you have it. I feel like I'm falling from the Move It & Lose It train and I'm looking for somebody to catch me but nobody has noticed I'm … [Read more...]

Giving up… on some things (not others).

I've worked so hard all week trying to get votes for the Smooth Fitness treadmill, I've actually neglected the fact that I HAVE to be active! I mean I haven't been doing it 24/7 but more than I should have and I'm so behind - I give up! It's over. Time to move on. I got my Wii More Workout for … [Read more...]

You Have to Move It in order to Lose It!

First off, be on the look out for some giveaways posting soon! There will be one in particular that you Mamavation ladies will love - I'll keep you posted! Help me! One thing you must know about me is I'm a HUGE procrastinator. Trust me, if you only knew, you'd be impressed with my consistency thus … [Read more...]

Didn’t Move a Lot but Lost a Little…

This week has been stressful and crazy for me. I've been pretty much MIA on Twitter. My car was stolen this week (you can read about that HERE) then it was found (you can read about that HERE). I've never been through a violating situation like this before so it's been tough getting back into the … [Read more...]

Move It & Lose It Challenge – Let It Begin!

If you would like to learn more about the Move It & Lose It Challenge I am referring to click the picture above! So my "fat chick pics" have come sooner than I expected. There was a typo and I was thinking we had to post everything NEXT Monday - turns out the time is NOW (well … [Read more...]

My Dreaded Monday Post

I dread writing this post. This is my dreaded Monday post. I dread it in a way that I know it has to be written to put it all out there. This week started out blah, got better then it just went down the drain. I'll be honest, I was bummed when I wasn't chosen as a finalists for Mamavation. Then I … [Read more...]