Finding a Healthy Snack Alternative with Del Monte Fruit Cups #SmartSnack #CBias

 My son? Where? No, that is certainly not my son trying to get those cookies open. I have no idea what you are talking about.  Let's face it. Kids don't always eat healthy snacks. I do have to say cookies are definitely not the greatest snack. As parents, sometimes it's hard to grab … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Pasta Day with a Classico Giveaway!

 October 25th is World Pasta Day! Earlier this month, was National Pasta Day (October 17th). There's no better way to celebrate than to make some pasta using Classico. It doesn't really need to World or National Pasta Day to make pasta. We make pasta at least once a week. We love to pair … [Read more...]

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is October 17th!

 October 17th is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. Parents across the country will join their child in the school cafeteria for lunch. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and engage in conversation about healthy school lunch. In some schools, the staff … [Read more...]